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Color Circling Picker This JavaScript displays colorful circle on the web page, visitors move mouse on it to get color code.

Category: Background

Changing Background Colours This JavaScript is another neat way to spice up your webpage with JavaScript. Visitors just type their favorite color in the box and click a button. The background is instantly changed to their favorite color. And this JavaScript also list colors below.

Category: Background

Link Colors With every new letter that you touch, JavaScript tells the computer to give the document a new background color. Kind of cool.

Category: Background

Random Background onClick/onMousemove Everytime visitors click/move mouse on the specified message then background will change color value.

Category: Background

Cell BG Changer Use this DHTML script to make certain form elements flash with glee. It's a great way to draw attention to important fields, such as the submit button, etc

JavaScript Swimming Fish This JavaScript code example displays a JavaScript swimming fish in your browser window. When the fish hits a wall he 'turns' around and goes the other way.

This JavaScript swimming fish script is very easy to setup and it works perfectly on modern browsers such as Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.

And you can also change the picture of fish by others if you want easily. But this is swimming fish animation, you may check JavaScript Swimming Fish Backgrounder if you need background swimming fish JavaScript effect.

Flashs Colorful Squares This JavaScript creates the colorfull squares and the flashing background. Very nice.

Category: Background

Color Changer Use this JavaScript to visitors can change color.

Category: Background

Real-time Background Picture Previewer A real-time background previewer that allows surfers to instantly see how a background image will look like in a current document page. Click on any of the thumbnail images, and that particular image temporarily becomes the background image for the page. Click anywhere else to restore the document to its original appearance. If you have a graphics site, your surfers will thank you for this added feature.

Category: Background

Bar Slider Use this drag and drop script to changeany actions such as change of background-color or font-color or sound-volume or images or game-speed or whatever you want to. Easy way to make your scripts more userfriendly.

Category: Background
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