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Matrix Background Animation The effect will create a matrix effect by using images.

BIAB Colorwheel 2.5 Hover over the wheel to view colors. This script displays colorful wheel on the web page, visitors move mouse on it to get color code. This script's submitted by Draco Merest.

Category: Background

Colorful Flashing Popsquares A small JavaScript code to run the cool awesome JavaScript stage show on your website. This JavaScript converts a simple HTML table into the colorful flashing cells. You may change to many different colors immediately by one click link or wait this JavaScript effect shows.

Very nice and stunning to present some hot products on your welcome pages with JavaScript. Let's try some other awesome JavaScript effects:
- JavaScript Flashing squares
- JavaScript Colorful Object onMouseover

Flashing background color This JavaScript makes background color was changed continually as flashing.

Category: Background

DHTML Color Conductor This JavaScript let visitors know color code when move mouse on color lines.

Category: Background

Background color changer onMousemove This JavaScript makes background color was changed continually and display color code in status bar when visitors move mouse on the web page.

Category: Background

Scrolling background image The effect makes background image autimatically float up/down when clicking the specified link.

Category: Background

Color Changer Here is a script where the user can choose what color the page and text will be viewed in with this neat and very organized table.

Category: Background

Another Matrix Background Only with a few code lines, we can make the Matrix effect on the web pages, similiar this JavaScript.

Color Picker Well, here is my color picker. It's very tedious on the part of the scripter, me, but I am sure you will appreciate it on all those occasions when you just can't seem to find the color you want

Category: Background
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