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Web Safe Color Cube This JavaScript shows a color cube with the 216 Web-safe colors without using any images. The dots blink randomly.

Category: Background

Flashs Colorful Squares This JavaScript creates the colorfull squares and the flashing background. Very nice.

Category: Background

Ultimate Fader v0.1 This constructor function allows you to fade any color (background, border or foregound) of any object. This is a complete demo, with lots of internal documentation and examples. There is only one document and no associated files. Enjoy.

Flashing squares A script with the flashing quares. Very cool.

Category: Background

Swimming Fish Backgrounder This JavaScript makes your web page becomes basin which in that fishes swimming.

Astronaut Watch as the astronaut floats around in space. His random movements over the background of moving stars gives the perception of space travel. Wow!

Matrix Background Animation The effect will create a matrix effect by using images.

JavaScript Swimming Fish This JavaScript code example displays a JavaScript swimming fish in your browser window. When the fish hits a wall he 'turns' around and goes the other way.

This JavaScript swimming fish script is very easy to setup and it works perfectly on modern browsers such as Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.

And you can also change the picture of fish by others if you want easily. But this is swimming fish animation, you may check JavaScript Swimming Fish Backgrounder if you need background swimming fish JavaScript effect.

Disco Background Effect Get into the groove with this disco background effect script! It fades the background color continuously using a variety of colors, as if it were the dance floor.

Category: Background

Roulette Select a new background color on this roulette wheel! Stop each wheel and hit 'view' to see that background color wheel combination! Cool!
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