JavaScript Color Gradient Maker

With this JavaScript code example, you can easy make CSS gradient background, JavaScript color gradient on your web page. Just enter two values for this JavaScript function: one for the colour you would like to make and one for the method to make gradient.

That's so cool JavaScript effect to try! You can edit more JavaScript functions from this JavaScript code for your needs.

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Original color:
Scale factor:

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Enter the original hexadecimal color value, either as a three-digit or six-digit value. Enter the scale factor (as an integer or a decimal value), and click the "Output" button in order to find the new hexadecimal color value. To darken the original color, enter a scale factor less than 1, such as .5. To brighten the original color, enter a scale factor like 5, to bring it five times closer towards white. Clicking on the bottom color bar will provide the hexadecimal number for that color in the scale, displayed in the "Output" box.

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