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Some Funny Modifications on Facebook with JavaScript - a social network is being the best one at present, is a pretty awesome web based application, but it takes a long time to become perfect. From the personal experiences, the author of this JavaScript tutorial guide you to make some harmless "hacks" (modifications) for the system of Facebook, but it'll affect some funnies to your page.

Please go to the full post and enjoy these hacks.

How to create AJAX Notifications with jQuery It'll be very easy to view the type of this notification if you're using GMail one the web based environment. Today, the author of this post guides you to build a simple application for displaying the notifications, using jQuery.

14 Javascript Tools to create A Stylish Chart In the old day, the web developers have to use Flash or the programming languages in server side to create the graphs/charts, because of a lot reasons. But in the present, in the cause of the growth of the programming languages in client side, along with the support of power JavaScript frameworks, we are able to create the charts easily, and take less than our resources.

This JavaScript article presents 14 Javascript resources and plugins that help you to create the super nice & sttylish charts/graphs easily.

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How to create a simple JavaScript countdown timer This JavaScript tutorial shows up the algorithm to make a simple countdown timer on your web pages, only with a few code lines.

Function within a function in JavaScript This is just another calling way about the OOP in JavaScript, because of the accommodate of JavaScript in definition and in use. This JavaScript tutorial shows you how to declare, access and use one function when it's defined within one other.

32 Amazing Mini vCard sites with Slick Javascript Animation This JavaScript article shows a list of creative collection - 32 super nice & rare layouts designed look like mini vCard, and the animation (sliding, fading and tab navigation) are performed by JavaScript, based on the famous JavaScript frameworks, such as: jQuery, MooTools, ...

Please go to the full post to enjoy 32 Amazing Mini vCard sites with Slick Javascript Animation.

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How To Sort An Array In JavaScript In the JavaScript programming language, we are provided the sort() method to sort the data of an array, but it's also used to sort anything other than an array itself; and this JavaScript tutorial shows you some popular methods to sort the data in JavaScript.

Modal Confirmation Dialog in JavaScript In the JavaScript web programming language, the simplest way we can create a modal dialog by using alert() method, but we can't make any change of layout on this original form; and this the past, this method was still the good solution.

But today, in the modern world of web development, we need more things than one humdrum modal dialog that JavaScript supplies. Therefore, the web developers made some creative solutions for generating the modal dialogs in JavaScript. And in this post, the author shows you two solutions in the jQuery framework: jQuery UI & Thickbox.

OOP JavaScript: Public and Private Methods Through this simple JavaScript tutorial, you would learn about Public and Private methods in the JavaScript OOP.

jCryption - Encrypting your data with JavaScript jCryption is a JavaScript HTML-Form encryption plugin, which encrypts the POST/GET data submitted by forms. It use public-key algorithm of RSA for the encryption and PHP file for decryption of data. jCryption was tested with all major browser like; Internet Explorer 6+, Mozilla Firefox 3+, Safari 3, Opera 9+, Google Chrome.

If you only need the encryption of your HTML/CSS/JavaScript codes, let try the encoding service from

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