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Sampled by © is a non-profit web project established to help anyone who want to enable JavaScript in their browsers but they are not good to solve. Basically, javascriptON tries to bring the best & easiest solutions for all browsers to help everyone enable JavaScript.

Look out some advantages of in the details:


friendly instructions to enable JavaScript
javascriptON show the most friendly step-by-step instructions to help you turn on JavaScript, easy to follow and enable JavaScript within 1 minute.


multilingual instructions to enable JavaScript
javascriptON can easy help you enable JavaScript by your local language because this web is multilingual project from many supporters.


one layout, all devices to enable JavaScript
javascriptON designed to run all many OS platform, you may read our instructions on any mobile platform, any tablet or any desktop OS.

Some difficulties

- Not all Internet users are good at English to solve their JavaScript issues they are facing, especially almost Internet users are not good at PC/Internet skills enough to know their problems clearly, then search for the right solutions in English. javascriptON is needing more local language translators to localize the instructions. Help them if you can.

- Currently javascriptON can only help the Internet users with 5 browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Apple Safari. They're planning to provide the necessary instructions for many popular browsers: Maxthon, Netscape, Flock, Rockmelt, Comodo, etc.

Phong Thai Phong Thai is a Web Developer, Web Coder for 7+ years with PHP, JavaScript, CSS. He is the creator of & - provide thousands of free JavaScript code examples, web development tips and tricks, helpful blogging guides.

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