Why Knowing JavaScript Will Help You Transition to eCommerce?

In 2016, eCommerce is projected to generate $327 billion in revenue from U.S. shoppers alone, so it is no surprise that plenty of Web developers are eagerly looking into transforming their programming skills into profit. Unfortunately, managing an online store takes much more effort and skill than slapping together a website and calculating shipping costs. Fortunately, the more you already know about Web development, the easier it will be to produce a beautiful and functional online shop.

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Twenty years ago, JavaScript was the go-to Web language. It allowed for lightning-fast load times, eye-catching graphics, and swift fixes to programming bugs. However, a lot has changed since the late 1990s, and languages like Python and Ruby-on-Rails are much more amenable to the modern Web. Still, your JavaScript skills will definitely not go to waste while you are working to produce an outstanding (and outrageously profitable) ecommerce site. Here are my best reasons to continue practicing JavaScript while you build your ecommerce site.

JavaScript Is an Easy Introduction to Programming

Though many of the newer programming languages may be more suitable to the modern Web, age-old JavaScript remains one of the easiest languages to learn. JavaScript employs syntax close to regular English, which makes writing code feel more natural than other styles.

Plus, the DOM model it relies on allows newbies to craft scripts that solve custom problems almost immediately. Even if you don't use JavaScript in the development of your ecommerce site, your experience tinkering with the language brings you a step closer to understanding the intricacies of more complex languages online today.

JavaScript Is the Most Popular Language, Ever

While it may have fallen out of favor with younger programmers who grew up with C++ and PHP, JavaScript is largely believed to be the most popular programming language online. Though it is common to build websites using a newer, more adaptable language, a significant portion of the 1 trillion live websites execute some amount of JavaScript.

What's more, JavaScript is the only programming language implemented on all Web browsers and usable by all Web hosts, which means any ecommerce website builder will easily take in your JavaScript code. Knowing JavaScript is like knowing Latin: There is a little of it almost everywhere you look, even if no one speaks it every day.

JavaScript Is Still Quick for Users

More important than social media links, more important than flashy content, speed is your ecommerce site's best friend. Web users no longer wait for pages to load; if your website takes more than a few seconds, you will miss out on millions of visitors.

JavaScript built its reputation on its speed. Because the user's computer executes JavaScript code, Web pages using JavaScript don't waste precious time relaying information between servers. Though servers are quicker nowadays, the elimination of a few steps still makes JavaScript especially quick. Ultimately, this means less bouncing and more browsing of your site's products, increasing your profits.

JavaScript Adds Attention-Grabbing Effects

Though your ecommerce site doesn't need to be quite as flashy as other websites, adding a few effects can enhance the user experience and increase appeal. Fortunately, JavaScript allows you to execute a number of small and significant effects that add visual interest and add to the efficiency of your site. For example, you might integrate any of the following into your site design:

  • Interactive slideshows
  • Expanding search bars
  • Scrolling headers
  • Animated timelines
  • Tabs and cards
  • 360-degree views

JavaScript Is Perfect for the Front-End

JavaScript's ease of use, familiarity, speed, and creativity certainly do not make it obsolete for Web programming. When building a website from the ground up, it is useful to have a more robust language for the foundation, but in designing the client's side, JavaScript is absolutely ideal. Your finished website should be polished and organized, and working with JavaScript allows you to create a visible site that will increase your profits.

Ultimately, your website should grow and change with the Web, but JavaScript is a worthwhile arrow in any developer's quiver. Whether you execute just a few simple effects or build an entire ecommerce empire on the back of JavaScript, your language skill will certainly not go to waste as you transition to a new, money-making era of Web design.


Phong Thai Phong Thai is a Web Developer, Web Coder for 18 years with PHP, JavaScript, CSS. He is the creator of JavaScriptBank.com - provide thousands of free JavaScript code examples, web development tips and tricks, helpful blogging guides.

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