Showcases of Awesome Designs with Stunning JavaScript

Keep trailing the post Awesome Sites with Wonderful JavaScript effects using jQuery, today in this JavaScript article, jsB@nk would like to present you a list of 25 personal and business websites and blogs that they're very beautiful, awesome and stunning.

These sites designed with unique and professional themes, included many incredible JavaScript effects made by popular JavaScript frameworks, such as jQuery, MooTools, Scriptallicious and Prototype. These sites built the unbelievable animations like Flash applications. Obviously, these sites should be the awesome experiments you need to try for arising new better ideas in your own tasks.

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Now that dynamic HTML is a reality in most commonly used browsers and that a lot of fancy JavaScript libraries exist to make using it easy, CSS websites can take back some of the street creed held so tightly by Flash.

Cool effects from animation excites me each time I see it being done with so much passion and innovation .I ponder how these animators change idea to practice. Well if you think in the way I do the answer is through JavaScript frameworks. These framework can give your design the same effect as that of flash through its tool like Mootools , Scriptallicious and Prototype .

As Walt Disney states, "Animation offers a medium of story telling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world". This powerful medium if portrayed in a site gives an incredible effect if it is more effective than words .So here we have some website that will inspire through its animation approach.

1. Home option gallery

Home option gallery


2. Launchlist



3. Duchy originals

Duchy originals


4. Creative people

Creative people


5. Giant media

Giant media


6. Dreamerlines



7. Design collectors

Design collectors




9. Loewy design

Loewy design


10. Serial cut

Serial cut


11. Panelfly



12. Orman Clark

Orman Clark


13. TLC



14. Marfil



15. Hunters


16. Tobias Ahlin

Tobias Ahlin


17. Tea round

Tea round


18. Best before

Best before


19. Baltic producers

Baltic producers


20. Gandrweb



21. Dibusoft



22. Naked ambition

Naked ambition


23. Adcapital industries

Adcapital industries


24. Srilanka unites

Srilanka unites


25. Popular front

Popular front

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