- Host Your Online Ecommerce Store Today is really the best solution you should take if you want to start up the online ecommerce stores. Not like other popular platforms if you want to create online stores, such as Joomla, Wordpress and common others, you must finish dozens of necessary tasks to run an online ecommerce business.

Summary of some highlighting features from Shopify you're interested in:

  • Very easy to use simple online tools to build ecommerce stores

  • 24/7 Support by email & phone

  • Apply customizable designs for your store with hundreds of free & paid, awesome themes

  • All popular payment gateways supported & secured

  • Reliable hosting plans

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The slogan of is "A shop in minutes, a business for life", you're given a complete ecommerce solution to run own online business, start a business, within a few simple steps. They provide you all materials, helpful tools, awesome utilities and best enthusiastic supports to build your online store just in some minutes.

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Shopify is the most simple service to register & use among the best ecommerce solutions; just enter your online shop name, email & password to begin. Can you tell any ecommerce site that's more simple and easy than Shopify in registering?

Shopify processes your registering request just in one second, then you may login Admin section to set up the store.

Set up your store

In this section, I'll try to help you for setuping all necessary features and functions to start up your online business immediately if you do not have a lot of free time. Follow up few simple steps below, within some minutes, you're able tp run a professional ecommerce store today.

Firstly, when you're new, Shopify shows a progressing bar at bottom of administrator section to guide you all necessary steps to set up a store easily & quickly. I love the simple admin page, in Shopify, you have full control over your design's design & layout.

Yes, I finished 29% of progress; and I just need 1 minute to complete 2 steps: add one product and use sub domain at Shopify (, or you can point to your own domain.

Customize store's design & layout

I love this section so much, because of simple default minimal layouts and hundreds of amazing paid themes. At this time, Shopify is providing 16 free themes and 100+ paid themes, these awesome themes are suitable for any product you need to promote & sell: cloth, cake, phone, jewelry, furniture, etc.

Although the default theme - Radiance - is still so good, I love íts simplicity but other themes are so beautiful to make your store more attractive. In this step, pick one theme you love, apply to your store then if you want to make some design modifications for the links, colors, background, go to Theme Settings in top-right menu.

Don't forget to check the blue button - I've completed this step - for each step you're satisfied.

Shopify CMS: Content Managment System is cool

Surely this step consumes a lot of your time, but not to me :D; all Shopify accounts have the default information such as About us, Welcome page, first blog entry. This is thing normal because other platforms also have this. You have to edit them for your own business.

The great thing in this section I said in the title is SEO functions: it's wonderful. Your content applied the latest SEO solutions automactically, you have only one thing to focus: write the important information down the posts, pages; Shopify shall show them to potential buyers on the search engines.

Checkout & Payment, Taxes

This is wonderful feature again, Shopify supports all popular payment gateways. Your customers are over the world, they may buy & pay whenever they're because you can accept VISA, MasterCard, AMEX or other credit cards in addition to PayPal. 50+ payment gateways integrated into Shopify.

Because your customers are on world-wide, you need to fill the necessary information about taxes, shipping fees and other related fees. This step also takes you a lot of time.

Shopify App Store

Along with theme section, I also love the helpful apps in this section. There are dozens of free & paid apps to extend the functionality of your Shopify store; or build your own apps with Shopify API.

Launch your store

Yes, that's right! Click the blue button to launch your ecommerce store immediately.


Shopify is really a must-have solution to build & run your ecommerce store, online business, start an ecommerce business whatever you're new or senior because of its wonderful features. Let me highlight most important advantages & services of Shopify:

  • Easy to use simple online tools to build ecommerce stores
  • Free email & phone support
  • Secure ecommerce hosting included
  • All popular payments & 50+ mediate gateways supported, secured with SSL certificate
  • Help you to sell any product, from physical goods to services, to any customer on world-wide
  • Automatic Back ups
  • Fully customizable store design with 100+ free & paid themes at Shopify Theme Store
  • International languages and currencies fully supported
  • Fully content management, advance ecommerce analytics, built-in mobile commerce features
  • Easily organize your products, content, orders with built-in advanced functions
  • Customer relationship management
  • Increase your sales with latest marketing & built-in SEO solutions, FREE $100 Google AdWords credit
  • Extend the functionality of your store with dozens of ecommerce plugins in Shopify App Store: PixelPrinter, Mapify and more; or build your own apps with Shopify APIs

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Reviewed by: Phong Thai @

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