Programming Concepts to Add to Your JavaScript Arsenal

There aren't too many software-related jobs that you can complete just using JavaScript. You have to have a full book of techniques to follow, depending on what goal you're trying to accomplish. Just knowing JavaScript is great to perform vital functions within overall projects, but what are some other important concepts that you should bring along with that skill?

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Consider that have a knowledge of .NET profilers, Adobe's Creative Cloud, various CSS customization options, FTP, and other IT troubleshooting skills should be way up there on your priority list. If you don't already have these in your professional lexicon, it's time to get hopping.

.NET Profilers

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Though it might seem to be a specific and specialized task, working with .NET profilers is actually something that every programmer should be able to do. When it comes to optimizing application processes, there's no better way to figure out where memory might be leaking. And if you're already using JavaScript for some aspect of an app, the way that memory interrelates means that solving one problem can resolve other connected issues as well.

Adobe Creative Cloud Knowledge

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After you subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud network, you'll realize that the potential you have for graphic and video interfacing just explodes. And if you're working with JavaScript to prop up the value of a website, for instance, then you'll see how programming and visual designs are going to work together in order to produce a polished final project. The suite of tools that you have with this online subscription is second to none, and with a little bit of daily practice, you'll begin mastering the material in no time.

CSS Customizations

Learning CSS customization is going to work hand-in-hand with using your JavaScript knowledge as well. There are tons of free sites on the web that will step you through all of the most common CSS problems and solutions. And when you start learning how to mix the graphical power of CSS with the functional power of JavaScript, you'll become a much more complete developer.

Basic FTP Knowledge

A lot of the internet moves around file transfer concepts, and on a super efficient level, there's the idea of the FTP server. Once you learn the basics of FTP, you'll have access to a very powerful way to transfer, store, and archive all of the files for projects that you're working on with your JavaScript skills.

Troubleshooting Skills

And finally, to add to your arsenal, it's important to just understand the basics of logic and troubleshooting. This is outside the idea of coding, and inside the idea of semantics, and one-step-at-a-time processes where you are aiming to discover the core of any type of riddle or problem.


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