More 17 Popular Sites to Learn About JavaScript expect

There are many websites on the Internet to learn about JavaScript programming techniques and applications. Some resources are for JavaScript beginners only. And there still are a lot of online JavaScript resources for advance JavaScript developers, programmers and coder.

Today in this post, I would like to show you more 17 popular JavaScript resources, sites to learn JavaScript, expect Please go to the full-post page for details.

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There are many websites that cater to web designers who want to learn about JavaScript techniques and applications. Many of these resources cater to beginners who’d want to learn about JavaScript techniques.There are other online resources which cater to advanced JavaScript users who would like to learn how to apply JavaScript techniques to create useful applications.

To see what we mean, here are twenty links to free online JavaScript resources that seem to work well on all major operating systems:

Nettuts+: How To Build a Widget to Display your Buzzing

this neat tutorial teaches visitors how to build a widget using JavaScript to share (publicly or privately) information in a way similar to Twitter’s “Buzz” service. It includes simple instructions and clear photos that make it simple to learn the technique.

learning javascript

Nettuts+: 24 JavaScript Best Practices for Beginners

features a webpage that contains tricks that can help beginners improve their ability to use JavaScript in applications. It also provides some tricks that can help people avoid security blunders and common coding mistakes which can drive programmers batty.

learning javascript


allows visitors to learn how to use JavaScript’s libraries using hands-on examples. Beginners will especially enjoy the website’s tutorials on how to use JavaScript commands and syntax correctly. More advanced users will enjoy the website’s tutorials on how to use JavaScript’s image maps and objects correctly.

learning javascript

How jQuery Works

this tutorial is very useful for beginners because it teaches readers how to use jQuery libraries to create useful JavaScript applications.

learning javascript

Queness: Simple Lava Lamp Menu Tutorial with jQuery

a tutorials to master the LavaLamp plug-in that is used in jQuery libaries. It also includes some practical applications that demonstrate LavaLamp’s versatility.

learning javascript


this tutorial shows users how to use a JavaScript application called Lightbox to overlay images on a webpage. The tutorial also includes step-by-step instructions that make learning the application simple.

learning javascript

The Site Wizard: How to Use Cookies in JavaScript

features a tutorial which explains how to use cookies in JavaScript applications. It also shows users how to use cookies efficiently in JavaScript applications.

learning javascript

Exforsys: How to use JavaScript in HTML page

a collection of tutorials which can help novice web designers integrate JavaScript code inside HTML-based code. It also provides tips on how to find errors whilst integrating JavaScript code inside HTML-based code.

online resources learning javascript

Agile Partners: iPhoto-like image resizing using Javascript

this tutorial features easy instructions that explain how to use JavaScript’s “Prototype” and “” libraries to re-scale photos for use on web pages.

online resources learning javascript

WebDesignerWall: jQuery Tutorials for Designers

ten tips that teach users how to use the jQuery library to design and place panels and other things that make a website more engaging.

online resources learning javascript

Nettuts+: Using Twitter’s @Anywhere Service in 6 Steps

use this free tutorial to install Twitter’s @Anywhere Service on a website in six easy steps using a JavaScript application.

online resources learning javascript

Azarask: How to Detect the Social Sites Your Visitors Use

learn how to use a JavaScript application called SocialHistory.js.

online resources learning javascript

Natalie Downe: addSizes.js: Snazzy automatic link file-size generation

a tutorial which teaches readers how to determine the size of a document attached to a link on a website by using a jQuery application called “addSizes.”

online resources learning javascript

jQuery for Designers

this website has many useful tutorials that can help advanced jQuery users create graphics, passwords and other items which make a website more useful and efficient. It also includes some tutorials which can help beginners learn how to construct jQuery applications before they try to make their own.

online resources learning javascript

15 Days Of jQuery: jQuery Online Movie Tutorial

learn how to create accordion-style menus on web pages using jQuery. The tutorial also features links to other tutorials that can help beginners master other jQuery techniques.

online resources learning javascript

jQuery Wisdom: How to Make a Smooth Animated Menu with jQuery

a useful tutorial on how to use JavaScript to create menus that are easy to navigate. The tutorial’s directions are so easy to understand that even beginners can ace this technique in no time.

online resources learning javascript

Ganesh: LavaLamp for jQuery lovers!

a useful tutorial that helps web designers create neat animation effects using a jQuery plug-in called LavaLamp. It also describes the logic that was used to create the plug-in.

online resources learning javascript

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