Modal Confirmation Dialog in JavaScript

In the JavaScript web programming language, the simplest way we can create a modal dialog by using alert() method, but we can't make any change of layout on this original form; and this the past, this method was still the good solution.

But today, in the modern world of web development, we need more things than one humdrum modal dialog that JavaScript supplies. Therefore, the web developers made some creative solutions for generating the modal dialogs in JavaScript. And in this post, the author shows you two solutions in the jQuery framework: jQuery UI & Thickbox.

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I wanted to make a nice modal dialog box that would confirm submission of a form. And, specifically, it had to ask if their e-mail address was correct that they listed on the form. Typos, particularly transposed letters, cause a number of undeliverable e-mails. Making matters worse, sometimes by the time they get to the 'Submit' button, the all important e-mail field is no longer in view. Yes, despite the web developer's best efforts, people still manage to type in their own e-mail incorrectly. I've done it. We're all human.

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