Eight Awesome JavaScript Applications with Powerful WebGL

WebGL is a very good graphic platform that works on web-based environment, WebGL is an open-standard browser implementation of OpenGL; the JavaScript coders, web developers created many incredible web applications on this platform that jsB@nk introduced:

- Eight Stunning and Beautiful HTML5 and JavaScript Experiments
- Amazing Website with Awesome JavaScript and HTML5 effects
- Awesome HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript Applications for Incredible Experiments
- 5 Awesome JavaScript-based Desktop Applications

However, like OpenGL need proper environment to work on, WebGL also can not work across all browser platforms. And 8 awesome and stunning JavaScript web-based experiments showed in this JavaScript do not work on any IE browser, too; but they are perfect in Chrome 9+, Firefox 4+ and Safari OSX 10.6+.

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Alright, latest release from Chrome Experiments. WebGL is an open-standard browser implementation of OpenGL, it uses hardware acceleration to allow complex, high frame rate 3D animation and games to be rendered using web browser. The coolest thing? WebGL is scripted with Javascript. The bad thing? It doesn't work across all platforms.

It's really impressiveMake sure you view these experiments with Chrome 9+, Firefox 4+ and Safari OSX 10.6+. Sorry, no IEs.

  • TankWorld

    Tankworld is a tank shooter, you can use a wide range of weapons to fight your opponents. In some levels you can find a helicopter the explore the world...
  • Clouds

    Realistic clouds made with javascript
  • HelloRacer™ WebGL

    High-End Interactive Car Simulation
  • WebGL Aquarium

    Immerse yourself in a beautiful aquarium full of fish, sharks and coral. This demo features 3D models with high-quality textures, scene animation, pixel shader animation, reflections, refraction and caustics.
  • Fractal Lab

    A WebGL app to interactively explore and render 3D fractals.
  • Chrysaora

    This experiment evolved from the previously submitted Jellyfish experiment.
  • Visual Random

    Multiple levels of random: where the voxel drops, the color of the voxel, the highest stack generated by the random drop. All of these things combined create an interesting perspective of what random actually looks like.
  • Sintel Goes Boom

    Playing with video texture plus some postprocessing. Featuring Sintel trailer.

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