Amazing and Cool HTML Tooltips with JavaScript-jQuery

HTML tooltips are the indispensable things on the layout of any website. They may provide more information to our readers without breaking the web designs. Most basic and simplest, we can add the tooltip to any HTML element with title attribute.

With this solution, we can only setup plain-text tooltips. However, with the JavaScript programming language, you can easy add more rich content for our tooltips; obviously you need to know more about JavaScript if you like to make tooltips become more interactive.

But all difficulties will disappear if you're using jQuery framework. Now it's time to enjoy 37 amazing tooltips scripts made with AJAX, JavaScript, CSS and jQuery in this post; to make your own unique and cool tooltips.

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Let's take a look at 37 Beautiful Tooltips Scripts With Ajax, JavaScript, CSS & Tutorials. It's nice to have them all in one place, once you need them. It's nice to be able to find them, once you don't have time to search for them.

1. Nice Titles Revised | Demo | Download

2. ToolTip_MooTools | Demo | Download

3. Nice Titles Tool Tip | Demo | Download

4. Coda Popup Bubbles Tool Tip | Demo | Tutorial

5. HelpBalloon version 2.0 Tool Tip | Demo | Download

6. CoolTips | Demo | Download

7. Bubble Tooltips | Demo | Download

8. jQuery plugin: Tooltip | Demo | Download

9. jQuery Plugin: BetterTip | Demo | Download

10. Walterzorn's JavaScript, DHTML Tooltips | Demo | Download

11. Code: qTip | Demo | Download

12. SuperNote v1.0beta2 | Demo | Download

13. BoxOver | Demo | Download

14. Form field hints with CSS and JavaScript | Demo | Download

15. Prototip2 | Demo | Download

16. Popup Balloon | Demo | Download

17. Finding a Javascript Tool Tip Script | Demo | Download

18. Tooltips from AJAX, DOM nodes | Demo | Download

19. Tooltip for Forms | Demo | Download

20. Tooltip for Forms | Demo | Download

21. MooTools Tooltip | Demo | Download

22. clueTip : A jQuery Plugin | Demo | Download

23. Mobile Tooltip Widget for GWT(Google Web Toolkit) | Demo | Download

24. websnapr - Preview Bubble Javascript v2.0 | Demo | Download

25. JavaScript Fading Tooltips | Demo | Download

26. Mootools Javascript Tooltips | Demo | Download

27. Ajax tooltip | Demo | Download

28. A Slider DataPager with Dynamic Tooltips | Demo | Download

29. Creating simple tooltips | Demo | Tutorial

30. Multiline tooltip with HTML, CSS, JavaScript | Demo | Tutorial

31. jQuery InputHintBox | Demo | Tutorial

32. JavaScript Tooltips | Demo | Download

33. overLIB | Demo | Download

34. GLT - Good-Looking Tooltips | Demo | Download

35. CSS Tooltips | Demo | CSS Base

36. jTip - A jQuery Tool Tip | Demo | Download

37. Easiest Tooltip and Image | Demo | Download

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