Amazing Website with Awesome JavaScript and HTML5 effects

Combination of HTML5 and JavaScript making a phenomenon in our Internet life cause of many advantages, they are mentioned on various devices from PC, tablets to smart-phones, electronic appliances, etc. On the field of web page, web developers may create many very interesting and amazing web-based JavaScript applications.

And that is the purpose of today's JavaScript article - jsB@nk want to share you a list of websites and personal blogs that using JavaScript and HTML5 to create awesome sites with cool, unique and amazing layouts, animations, please go to the inner post-page for detailed list or you can try other great JavaScript applications below:
- Awesome HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript Applications for Incredible Experiments
- Great JavaScript Experiment Showcases on Chrome, Safari
- 10 Super Good JavaScript Experiments on Google Chrome

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In this JavaScript article tutorial, jsB@nk is going to show some interesting and awesome uses of JavaScript, HTML5 that would be very much acceptable and useful to the web developers. These amazing showcases are not only uses of JavaScript but HTML5 and CSS also. So jsB@nk hopes you will gracefully enjoy this cool list.

Sliding Boxes and Captions with jQuery

Fancy Thumbnail Hover Effect w/ jQuery

GMail - Coolest free email account

When you want to check your inbox using the refresh button, there is no need fully reload the whole site. Which AJAX and JavaScript plays a big part.

Google - Homepage of everyone

A clean minimalist design is loaded showing Google logo and the search box when Google Hompage is first loaded. Here is a specific uses of JavaSript.

PlotKit - Javascript Chart Plotting


Sliding JavaScript Menu Highlight

Google Analytics

Facebook Social plugins

Using jQuery for Background Image Animations

Fisheye JavaScript Menu

Simple Drop-Down Menu

Eyecatchy javasript navigation menu


A wonderfully designed Javascript-powered website which depicts the feel of a trundle, with the curves separated by different dark shades of vibrant colors. Another awesome illustration of the peerless luxuries that come with Javascript.

JavaScript sliding menu




Look what amazing heights Javascript can achieve. Very subtle yet adorable design. Brilliant use of colors which is very easy on the sight. Moreover, very user-friendly interface and page controls.


Certainly the best of the lot. You canít help yourself to wonder how far Javascript has gone with its prospects in web-development. This beautiful website doesnít need words to be described. Just click in and check out the masterpiece of Javascript. Elegant use of fonts, perky display of background and mystic use of animations punctuate this awesome website.


Yet another Javascript-enabled wonder website. Attractive graphics and a murky feel to the whole theme are eye-catching and appealing prospects that attract your eyes.


ImageMehanics is an option-packed, very well-designed javascript-powered website which has many facets can be explored by beautiful sliding menus. Yet another feather in the readily blooming cap of Javascript developers.

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