A Guide to Growing Your Agency by Upselling Clients

Is the main focus of your design agency to attract new clients to help you to grow? This may not be the best use of your energies. Obviously, new clients are essential to any business, but attracting them should not be the be all and end all. It often makes more sense to upsell clients you have worked with previously. Doing so can be less costly and time consuming, and the rewards can be impressive.

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Why upselling clients can be the way to grow your agency

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If you are going to upsell existing clients you need to think about the best way to do so. The process is likely to be more about offering additional services than constantly updating a client's website. You need to enable them to see what you can do to help them grow.

Increasing conversions on a client's website

Technology continues to evolve. This results in improved functionality for user related website features, such as live chat facilities and checkout functionality. You should consider offering clients your services in using the latest functionality to improve the user experience of your website. This in turn can help them to increase conversions.

Optimising website performance

Your clients want people to be attracted to their website, and to come back and use it again. If they add content that causes the loading of the site to slow this can deter visitors. This is just one potential issue which you can advise on. You can offer your services as an on-going consultant, to help ensure website performance is optimised. Click here to take a look at services you may want to provide.

Optimising analytics for your clients

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Analytics are essential for any business that wants to ensure its web presence is working to its advantage. If you can provide clients with the latest analytics, as well as your expertise in using them, you can upsell a vital service.

How should your clients pay for the services you upsell?

There are various different solutions when it comes to charging clients for the services you upsell. You need to determine which option best suits both the client and your agency. Here are some of the options you may want to consider.

  • Charging for hours worked.
  • Asking for a retainer for a set number of hours. It's then up to the client when they make use of the hours.
  • Setting up a subscription so that the client pays a set amount each month.

All of these options are a valid choice when it comes to payment for your services.

If you want to grow your agency, you obviously need to attract new clients. The problem is that doing so can be resource intensive. It can be easier to engage with clients who already trust you and who you already have a relationship with. The trick is to work out the best products and services you can offer, and how best to charge for them. Hopefully, our tips have helped you with this.


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