9 Incredible and Addictive JavaScript Games

About more than a decade ago, most of the online games were made with Flash for not-high-quality graphics and gameplay; but nowadays, with powerful browsers and new web technologies (backend and frontend), web developers and web coders creates many create online games with high quality graphic.

Furthermore, you can easily create simple games with just HTML, CSS and JavaScript! Most of them look really impressive with full 3D animations, graphic, effects and concept.

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Today, I'm happy to show you a list of 9 awesome & amazing web games based on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. In the list below, I like TankWorld, Picnic Defender and Z-Type, what about you? And please suggest me more creative JavaScript games to play together.

One more important to tell, whatever, they're mini web games, or online flash-based game or even they're 3rd Facebook games, social web games; they must need a web hosting to run. For tiny web games, we can host them on free web hosting services easily; but with more popular web games and big Facebook games, I suggest ecommerce hosting packages, dedicated servers or at least a powerful VPS package.

Why don't try some popular Facebook games I presented before? Check them now at Top 50 Most Addictive and Popular Facebook mini games.


TankWorld is really creative game with impressive 3D animation & gameplay. This is a game of tank shooter, use many different tanks/weapons to fight. In some higher levels you may find a helicopter to explore the game world.

Alex The Aligator

This web game is HTML5 remake of the classic "Alex the allegator 4", created by Johan Peitz. Now this mini game has been developed by using the melonJS library, a free HTML5 game engine.


This is awesome & amazing Pacman game on the web.

Picnic Defender

A type of tower defence game, let's play with your friends on Facebook.


Another addictive web game with more simple graphic and gameplay. So it's quite easy to beat and long lasting game.

Role Playing Game

A RPG mini-game created by HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. To end game, you have to save the mayor's daughter. Use the arrow keys to move, press "Space" to make an action (talk, push ...) and the A button is for attacking.


An azaming game for brainstorm activities. Use your mouse to lasso glowing points of light before they explode.


A mini mind web game to relax if you're in stress.

Pong 3D

A Pong gameplay with simple graphic. But how about Pong in 3D?

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