5 Uses For JavaScript Within the Artistic Community

Even mentioning computer programming among certain segments of the artistic population can get you raised eyebrows and looks of distrust. Heaven forbid you talk about something even more specific like the idea of JavaScript! But, for those with an open mind, either from a programming or from an artistic standpoint, there are many ways that those paths can combine.

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Consider the following five uses for JavaScript within the artistic community, including the ideas of looking good on online business profiles, recognizing that interactivity is key in artistic websites, knowing that dealing with feedback forms is important to artists, knowing that JavaScript mixes will with other web design structures already in place, and paying attention to functional items like time and date in digital (if artistic) interfaces.

Knowing JavaScript Looks Great On Business Profiles

Referencing something like JavaScript, on an artistic LinkedIn profile for example, either as something that your company is familiar with, or that it's something that you need from prospective future employees or contractors, is a completely legitimate way to attract the right kind of attention. So the two ways to use JavaScript as a positive tool are to either put it as a skill that you have already and use in your artistic processes, or to request that JavaScript is a skill that you need from people applying to your company, via your online profile.

Interactivity Is Key In Artistic Websites

One of the big things that JavaScript bring to the table in terms of website design is interactivity. And if there's one thing that artistic websites in particular need more of, is a sense that people browsing artwork or artistic services are doing something, and are interacting in some way with the information and presentations that are available. Applying interactive JavaScript principles is a great way to do exactly that!

Dealing With Feedback Forms Is Important

And have you ever wondered how online feedback forms work when they are seen as part of a website framework? Chances are very likely that JavaScript is involved with form validation, as that is how information that is inputted onto your webpage reaches back into some type of database that you can then get readouts from later. So if you're an artist of some sort that wants web feedback, a knowledge of JavaScript is absolutely vital.

It Mixes With Readily Available Web Design Structures

But what if you're already happy with how your artistic site is presented? You just want to figure out how to add those elements of interactivity or feedback as previously mentioned. To this end, adding JavaScript into existent web design is just about as easy of a process as you could imagine. Assuming that most people who browse the web have it enabled, you should easily achieve the results you're looking for.

Time and Date Functions For Events

And finally, one of the things that JavaScript is know for is its ability to display information like time and date in sync with a central database. Without knowing those basic JavaScript commands, you might have a difficult time doing even that basic maneuver inside of your otherwise creative web design project.


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