32 Amazing Mini vCard sites with Slick Javascript Animation

This JavaScript article shows a list of creative collection - 32 super nice & rare layouts designed look like mini vCard, and the animation (sliding, fading and tab navigation) are performed by JavaScript, based on the famous JavaScript frameworks, such as: jQuery, MooTools, ...

Please go to the full post to enjoy 32 Amazing Mini vCard sites with Slick Javascript Animation.

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This is something new, I believe some of us may not even realized there are getting more and more people design vcard website. I able to to find 30 of them, and including mine. :)

Most of them are having a same features - they are all using javascript animation like sliding, fading and tab navigation. I present you 30 amazing Mini vcard websites with slick javascript animation. Enjoy.

My vCard

Thanks for the inspirations from all the following websites. I managed to create one for myself. I made a futuristic design with dark wooden background and jQuery for the animation.

vCard Collection


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