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Javascript Error Codes

The following list the Javascript Error Codes. By understanding the JavaScript Error Codes, you can know what's wrong with this page or your computer. Then you can do something to avoid these Javascript problems in Internet Explorer 8.

5 Invalid procedure call or argument
6  Overflow
7  Out of memory
9  Subscript out of range
10  This array is fixed or temporarily locked
11  Division by zero
13  Type mismatch
14  Out of string space
17  Can't perform requested operation
28  Out of stack space
35  Sub or Function not defined
48  Error in loading DLL
51  Internal error
52  Bad file name or number
53  File not found
54  Bad file mode
55  File already open
57  Device I/O error
58  File already exists
61  Disk full
62  Input past end of file
67  Too many files
68  Device unavailable
70  Permission denied
71  Disk not ready
74  Can't rename with different drive
75  Path/File access error
76  Path not found
91  Object variable or With block variable not set
92  For loop not initialized
93  Invalid pattern string
94  Invalid use of Null
322  Can't create necessary temporary file
424  Object required
429  Automation server can't create object
430  Class doesn't support Automation
432  File name or class name not found during Automation operation
438  Object doesn't support property or method <item>
440  Automation error
445  Object doesn't support this action
446  Object doesn't support named arguments
447  Object doesn't support current locale setting
448  Named argument not found
449  Argument not optional
450  Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment
451  Object not a collection
453  Specified DLL function not found
458  Variable uses an Automation type not supported in JScript
501  Cannot assign to variable
502  Object not safe for scripting
503  Object not safe for initializing
504  Object not safe for creating
1002  Syntax error
1003  Expected ':'
1004  Expected ';'
1005  Expected '('
1006  Expected ')'
1007  Expected ']'
1008  Expected '{'
1009  Expected '}'
1010  Expected identifier
1011  Expected '='
1012  Expected '/'
1014  Invalid character
1015  Unterminated string constant
1016  Unterminated comment
1018  'return' statement outside of function
1019  Can't have 'break' outside of loop
1020  Can't have 'continue' outside of loop
1023  Expected hexadecimal digit
1024  Expected 'while'
1025  Label redefined
1026  Label not found
1027  'default' can only appear once in a 'switch' statement
1028  Expected identifier, string or number
1029  Expected '@end'
1030  Conditional compilation is turned off
1031  Expected constant
1032  Expected '@'
1033  Expected 'catch'
1035  Throw must be followed by an expression on the same source line
5000  Cannot assign to 'this'
5001  <Item> is not a number; Number expected
5002  <Item> is not a function; Function expected
5003  Cannot assign to a function result
5004  <Item> is not an indexable object; Cannot index object
5005  <Item> is not a string; String expected
5006  <Item> is not a date object; Date object expected
5007  <Item> is not an object; Object expected
5008  Cannot assign to <item>; Illegal assignment
5009  <Item> is undefined; Undefined identifier
5010  <Item> is not a boolean; Boolean expected
5011  Can't execute code from a freed script
5012  Cannot delete <item>; Object member expected
5013  <Item> is not a VBArray; VBArray expected
5014  <Item> is not a JScript object; JScript object expected
5015  <Item> is not an enumerator object; Enumerator object expected
5016  <Item> is not a regular expression object; Regular Expression object expected
5017  Syntax error in regular expression
5018  Unexpected quantifier
5019  Expected ']' in regular expression
5020  Expected ')' in regular expression
5021  Invalid range in character set
5022  Exception thrown and not caught
5023  Function does not have a valid prototype object
5024  The URI to be encoded contains an invalid character
5025  The URI to be decoded is not a valid encoding
5026  The number of fractional digits is out of range
5027  The precision is out of range
5028  Array or arguments object expected
5029  Array length must be a finite positive integer
5030  Array length must be assigned a finite positive number

You can see now each code's meaning. Most of them are due to the website problems, you can hardly solve it, cause you are not the webmaster of this site. However, some problems are related with your computer, maybe your hard drive problems, Internet Explorer 8's problems, etc. Under this condition, you may find a solution for Javascript problems in Internet Explorer 8.

How to solve Javascript problems in Internet Explorer 8?

As we mentioned just now, most of Javascript problems in Internet Explorer 8 are the wrong website development, so we can only solve some of them that wrong on our own computer.

So you can see, there are some problems that existing in your computer, but you don't know how to fix them. Some computer problems can hardly be found by computer users themselves. So you must use a tool for solving Javascript Problems In Internet Explorer 8.
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