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Helpful JavaScript resources for Designers Web Design - a task that requires the creativity and a lot of time, to create the high quality products. However, in the environment of modern web nowadays, the Internet produced a lot of libraries, utilities and tools to help the web designers finishing their tasks faster. And this is the subject of this JavaScript article: shows some reliable destinations that have the web designer's works finished faster.

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Improved Current Field Highlighting

This tutorial from CSS-Tricks shows us a way that we can use Javascript to change the way we are highlighting active fields in forms. So, generally, the cursor blinks in that form field, and some browsers have taken it upon themselves to do something a little different, but this tutorial takes a look at how we can use Javascript and jQuery to improve the highlighting with a little style.

JavaScript Folder Collapser for Dynamic Content

This tutorial will show you how to create a group of collapsible folders using JavaScript and some elements of JQuery. The code will be featured in a way that allows for ease of implementation into a dynamic page - in this situation, the number of folders may be unknown.

JavaScript Progress Bar

Within this tutorial you'll be able to walk through the configuration and structuring of a javascript based progress bar that can be triggered by a variety of things. For example, you could have it triggered by the progress of a sign-up sheet, or even by the amount of checkboxes that are checked.

Password Verification and Strength Checker

This tutorial will aid you in creating a registration form that includes a password strength checker to tell the user how strong (security wise) their password is. This form will also include several boxes for password use and other vital information.

The End of Our Road - Javascript Frameworks

jQuery is what is called a 'Framework'. Frameworks contain sets of pre-written controls which make it easier and more efficient for you to develop your scripts. Instead of rewriting the same basic scripts over and over, or managing your own library, javascript frameworks such as jQuery, prototype,, mootools, and others exist to save you the time. In most cases, these frameworks are extended in ways that add more functionality.

Unfortunately, a complete discussion on Javascript frameworks comparing the functions included in each is a discussion for another time, but its something to know is out there.

Check it out for Yourself: jQuery for Designers

And the Best Way of All to Learn Javascript...

Go do it. No really, go do it.

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