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Greatest JavaScript Engines for Better JavaScript Game Developments In previous JavaScript article tutorial, jsB@nk showed you a good training practice to make JavaScript game - Making Simple RPG Game with JavaScript and Crafty - a JavaScript tutorial with full details and instructions to make a simple completed JavaScript game, you can read that making game JavaScript tutorial if you want to try one.

And today in this JavaScript article tutorial, jsB@nk is going to present you a list of 70 greatest JavaScript engines/frameworks to make JavaScript-based web games, these JavaScript engines are listed into the categories such as general JavaScript game engines/frameworks, 3D JavaScript game engines, JavaScript physics engines, animation JavaScript engines/frameworks, sound JavaScript libraries, canvas JavaScript libraries and WebGL. Please go to the inner post-page for details.

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Impact is a JavaScript Game Engine that allows you to develop HTML5 Games in no time. Games created with Impact require no browser plugins or any software installations Ė just a modern browser that supports the Canvas tag.


The Isogenic Game Engine is a project to create a fully-featured modern game engine written entirely in Javascript, running on all the latest web browsers and utilising either HTML Canvas or standard HTML elements as the draw space.

The Javascript 2D Game Engine (for want of a more exciting name), is more or less just that. Itís a 2D engine Iíve developed, in javascript, with the primary purpose for creating games. It models shapes as rigid bodies, which can collide and be influenced by forces. Runga Kutta 4 is used to produce (fairly) stable integration for springs and and charge.

Now at version 4, the 2D engine now uses HTML 5′s canvas tag, and Googleís ExplorerCanvas to get it working in IE. The canvas is fairly widespread these days, so it should be supported fairly widely.

This is a free game engine developed for programming browser based games.  It uses the Javascript language and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to dress up the page.  They run pretty reliably together.  Use this engine to create your own game.  This project is intended for beginners, wanting to learn how to program video games.  Better if youíre a web designer that knows some CSS.

Brent Silby has built upon the official 2.09 version of the Gamelib released by Scott. He says his improvements are:

  • properties for sprites such as jumping, falling, fallspeed, etc.
  • tile handling for backgrounds and platforms. Itís basically the same as the sprite module, but (of course) the tiles are not updated on each cycle to save speed. "This is incomplete but I have used it in my games," he says.
  • the old V2.09 gamelib modules have been kept in a separate folder


jGen is a game engine build in JavaScript,


jsGameSoup is a Free Software framework for making games for the web using Javascript and HTML5. Abstract away some of the complexity of developing Javascript games for multiple browsers. Currently runs under new versions of Firefox (Gecko), Safari/Chrome (WebKit), IE 6.0 and higher. Doesnít depend on any proprietary technologies like Flash or Silverlight.


The library comes with cross-browser event handling (mouse, keyboard and touch).

It has polygon, box and circle collision detection, sprite management and networking (ajax) abstraction layer.

js-verge is a javascript game engine largely based on (and importing file assets from) the VERGE game engine.

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