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Greatest JavaScript Engines for Better JavaScript Game Developments In previous JavaScript article tutorial, jsB@nk showed you a good training practice to make JavaScript game - Making Simple RPG Game with JavaScript and Crafty - a JavaScript tutorial with full details and instructions to make a simple completed JavaScript game, you can read that making game JavaScript tutorial if you want to try one.

And today in this JavaScript article tutorial, jsB@nk is going to present you a list of 70 greatest JavaScript engines/frameworks to make JavaScript-based web games, these JavaScript engines are listed into the categories such as general JavaScript game engines/frameworks, 3D JavaScript game engines, JavaScript physics engines, animation JavaScript engines/frameworks, sound JavaScript libraries, canvas JavaScript libraries and WebGL. Please go to the inner post-page for details.

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Diggy is a DHTML Game Engine (DGE).

FlixelJS is direct port of Flixel from AS3 to Javascript (HTML5/Canvas). 


GameJS is a library for writing 2D games or other interactive graphics applications for the HTML Canvas. GameJs already provides sprites, sprite groups (and collision detection between any of the two), font rendering, image handling, an event loop with keyboard/mouse support as well as resource preloading, AStar search, javascript server integration with RingoJs and more.

GameJs is a lightweight library, which is actually a port of the popular PyGame to JavaScript, that uses HTML canvas element.

It is a simple framework that allows writing the games as CommonJs modules.

Gamma is a new Javascript library which can be used to create 2.5D platform games for a web browser using the power of HTML, JavaScript, CSS and WebGL.


This JavaScript library can be used to create 2.5D platform games with the power of HTML, JavaScript, CSS and WebGL.

It comes with various classes to ease the development process including the ones for shapes, characters, enemies and more.

gameQuery is a jQuery plug-in to help make javascript game development easier by adding some simple game-related classes. Itís still in an early stage of development and may change a lot in future versions. The project is hosted on GitHub (it was hosted on Google Code before) and a twitter page where you can follow the daily progress of the development.

gTile is a browser based game engine entirely in Javascript and DHTML. A two dimensional tile based view has been chosen for simplicity and accessibility. Game play is achieved through rich interactions and behaviors of game objects, rather than fancy graphics or animation.

The engine is perhaps best suited to creating adventure and roguelike style games, but may also be used to create 2D virtual world representations of communities and geographical locations.


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