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Great Collection of Extreme CSS3, JavaScript Tutorials Some day agos, jsB@nk presented to you a cool list of awesome, unique web experiments based on CSS3 via Beautiful and Stunning CSS3 Animation Experiments, and today in this JavaScript article, jsB@nk keep showing you a list of other 50+ web applications, JavaScript experiments that built on CSS3 technology; especially, we have full completed tutorials to create these stunning CSS3 experiments by yourself. Some names you will be excited: Sexy Vertical Sliding Panel, Awesome Overlays with CSS3, 3D Ribbons, Beautiful Looking Custom Dialog Box, Halftone Navigation Menu, Coverflow With CSS Transforms, 3D CSS Transforms, Taggify, AmberJack, SimpleModal, jQuery Masonry, WebKit Clock, Microsoft Office Minibar.

Please go to the inner post-page to view full list of these 50+ awesome CSS3 experiments/applications. And see more cool web-based applications below:
- Showcases of Awesome Designs with Stunning JavaScript
- 50+ Great Web Applications of Data Visualization

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Rounded corner HTML elements using CSS3 in all browsers

This is a behavior htc file for Internet explorer to make CSS property Ē border-radius Ē work on all browsers. At present, all major browsers other than IE shows curved corner by adding 4 lines of css.


An elegant, lightweight slideshow script. It works with MooTools 1.2, and supports all kinds of shape transformations (top and left coordinates, and height and width properties), which means it can now be used with vertical, horizontal, or even irregular lists.

Coda popup bubbles

The software company Panic has a beloved Mac application for developers called Coda. Coda has an incredibly elegant design, and one of the subtle JavaScript effects that have been added to it is a stylized pop-up bubble. The blog jQuery for Designers has created a script that combines jQuery with custom code to replicate the feature used on the Coda website. The effect is subtle and elegant and greatly adds to the userís experience


Taggify is a bit different in implementation than the other JavaScripts listed. Taggify is a hosted solution for adding pop-up widgets to photos. Instead of having to download a script and host it on your site, you can just add a tiny <include> in your tag, and youíll have the power of Taggify installed on your site. Using Taggify is interesting; it adds notes and other useful information to photos. Think of it as a souped-up version of the note-adding feature for Flickr images. You can add any HTML to the Taggify note, creating a nice informational page to accompany any image that needs a bit more explanation.


AmberJack is one of the more interesting and compelling JavaScript techniques. Website tours are extremely beneficial because they can help familiarize users, showcase features and products, and many other things. Possibly the best part about AmberJack is that nothing has to be installed or learned to start creating website tours. AmberJack provides a way for website and product owners to quickly and easily create website tours with JavaScript. Itís an amazingly tiny download, at only 4 KB.

Sliding Tabs

This is another script inspired by Coda. Essentially, itís a smooth-scrolling tab system that makes switching between panes easy and smart. You can see a demo of Sliding Tabs here. Sliding Tabs is built off of the JavaScript framework MooTools. Alternative solution.

JavaScript Image Loader

If youíre looking for a more intuitive way for users to upload and preview images on your website, the JavaScript Image Loader (demo) might fit the bill. The JavaScript Image Loader is a great way to show your users an image before it has uploaded, and it can also provide other information about the image if desired.


This script is a chart generator that runs off of a combination of flash and JavaScript. You can generate virtually any type of graph or chart with the script, and can even use .csv and xml files to pull the data from. With amCharts, you can generate graphs in the form of Column & Bar, Pie & Donut, Line & Area and Scatter & Bubble.

Magic Zoom

Magic Zoom is a JavaScript zoom tool. Itís the best way to display images in incredible detail. Users do not need to click anything Ė they just move their mouse over the image to see every detail of your product.


SimpleModal is a lightweight jQuery plugin that provides a simple interface to create a modal dialog. The goal of SimpleModal is to provide developers with a cross-browser overlay and container that will be populated with data provided to SimpleModal.

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