Giải pháp để xây dựng backlink hiệu quả Backlink - một trong hàng trăm yếu tố được các cỗ máy tìm kiếm sử dụng để sắp xếp các kết quả tìm kiếm; và đây cũng là một nhân tố khá quan trọng, bởi ngoài vấn đề được các cỗ máy tìm kiếm đánh giá cao, chiến lược xây dựng backlink thích hợp còn mang đến cho website một lượng truy cập nhất định.

Tuy nhiên, vấn đề xây dựng backlink đòi hỏi khá nhiều thời gian và chi phí cũng như cần có một chiến lược phù hợp từng website. Bài viết này tổng hợp giúp bạn các công việc rất cơ bản cho chiến lược xây dựng backlink thích hợp.

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An integral part of search engine optimization is building backlinks, which is an absolute must if you wish to rank highly. What many don't know when it comes to this part of SEO, is that Google will value each link differently depending on many factor's. As a result, choosing the most effective method for your time is crucial to your success.

So in this article as the third part to my website business model, we will be looking at various kinds of quality backlink building methods to help promote your site. In particular, the most effective kinds which firstly Google will value much higher and as a result, the time you dedicate to building backlinks will be much more efficient and rewarding.

Before we dive into the various methods, lets take a look at what a quality backlink actually is. Simply put, the higher the quality of the source origin, the greater the value that will provide. There are 5 key factors that determine the quality of a source:

What is a quality backlink?

Quality of backlink source

Firstly is how highly Google rate the source origin. For example if you had a backlink on the home page number one rank website in your niche, naturally Google will assume your site to be of high importance.

Relevancy of backlink

Secondly is the relevancy of that source. The more relevant the source origin is too your niche, the more valued that will be to your business. So with that in mind, aim for relevant topics and you will be rewarded in the rankings.

Outbound links on page

If you imagine a website to be like a big pie (bare with me alright...). This website is really important so it's a really big pie. Each outbound link gets a portion of this pie, but if there are a lot of websites linked (like a directory), that portion is going to be far smaller than if you are linked from a site with only a few outbound links. That itself is the reason a web directory is in effective.

Profile of Page

Fourth is the page of the site you are linked from. Even if you are linked from a high profile site, if the page your site URL sites on is of little value then it won't count for much. So when trying to build backlinks, aim to focus on "pages" that are high profile (ideally a homepage). A good way to tell the value of a page is the PR ranking tool, a FireFox add on from Google toolbar. Do bare in mind, this is not always the a standard measure to follow but more of a guide.

Anchor Text

Having the correct anchor text  is essential, as this another means of how googles regonises the relevancy of your site. If you are a site on making money online, using the anchor text "make money online" would be optimum.

Quality backlink building methods

 Article Submission Directories

Not only can the pages your article site on be of high PR, but also you can write about anything you want. That means if you use your particular keywords, Google will recognise this page of the same relevancy and as a result, value it higher. I have provided more advice on how to utilise article submission directories effectively on my page dedicated to article submission directories. A Note to bare in mind - Do not spam hundreds of directories, only pick the selected top ones.

Forums Posting

Be careful with this one, forum posting can provide a quality method for building backlinks but needs to be done with integrity and accuracy. Don't just spam in as many forums as possible, try to pick relevant forums to your niche and provide your link when necessary. Google does credit signatures but don't post for the sake of it as they are not of great value at all. I have a list of DoFollow forums that should provide you the most benefit with this method, it's a big list so try to choose the ones relevant to your niche.

Social Media Networking

Social Media Networking can be a very effective method. I will be honest with you, the function of this is more for gaining direct traffic but can be credited as a backlink as well. Once again, you will need to be careful. If you simply build your links from spamming your URL, Google will recognise this, which may well actually have a negative effect to your rankings, let alone wasting the time you invested in doing so. Pick the main social sites and try to get it well rated for optimum effect.

Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting "can" be a useful backlinking method. I will stress the word can as it very important that you do it in the correct way. In short, you need to conduct your self in a professional manner and not spam in anyway. Google has a very good spam filter and if detected, can have a very negative effect on your rankings. So, with that in mind, you can post comments, but you need to make them of quality and use to the website owner. Take your time, read what they are saying and provide a relevant response of more than 1 paragraph for best effect. Only pick websites that are relevant to your niche and use in moderation! I am not going to provide a list of "DoFollow" blogs as will deify the point I am making, you need to pick the sites relevant to your niche, ideally of the highest profile.

Press Release

Using Press Release sites can also be a very effective way of generating backlinks. Much like writing quality articles, writing a quality press release with correct keywords and dropping your site URL in the correct manor. 99% of the people who utilise press release sites are journalists, so with that in mind, write it in a style to accommodate their needs, not readers. Try to avoid writing these in an article style format, but in the format of a press release to appease the media. If you are lucky, a well written press release will get promoted by a journalist and that can bring in a large amount of traffic. A few of the top press release sites are: Free Press Release, PRlog and PR.

Blog Directories

Blog Directories are an easy way to start but be sure to only choose a select few. For most sites, I do not recommend submitting to more than 30 blog directories as they are highly valued. Google knows getting on a blog directory is easy, therefore the value of it is minimal. To add to that, the page your site sites on on will be full of other sites and it is probably a PR0/1 page. So a small pie with lots of people to feed if you get what I mean. I do recommend using the top ones but go no further than this.

Link Exchange

A very effective method for backlinking if done correctly. As you read in the section "what is a quality backlink", certain factors need to be taken into account to achieve quality results.. Firstly it needs to be content relevant, the higher the profile of the website linking to you the better, a reciprocal exchange holds much less value than a 3 way exchange and homepage placement is best. Also a site with many outbound-links will be of less value than one few.


Once of the most easy backlinks to obtain that's right on your door step. Having a quality internal linking system will not only provide readers with easy navigation but each link also counts like any other backlink. Have your main articles linked on the home page and be sure to generate a quality internal network. Don't over do this or you will be penalised by Google, but using in moderation can be very effective.

Blog Carnivals

Blog Carnivals, a new and effective way of establishing your site. A blog carnival is basically a blog event. It is dedicated to a particular topic, and is published on a regular schedule. Each edition of a blog carnival is in the form of a blog article that contains permalinks to other blog articles on the particular topic. The most well known of these is Blog Carnival. Again, moderation. Google knows these are easy to obtain so be careful and only stick to a few, you don't want to be counted as a spammer.

Paid Backlink's

Easy do to but naturally at a cost, which this time is financial. I have personally never used it and you don't need it to be successful, but that doesn't mean it's not effective. Paying can often give to a much higher pr backlink than normal to generate and can bring in a handy amount of traffic too. Just be sure to use effective advertising for your money. Remember, niche relevant is the key.

Google Knol

Google Knol is like wikipedia but your pages cannot be edited once published, so good news, if you can write a quality article with informative info that gets published, that's a permanent. Don't spam this, take your time to write something useful for readers or your efforts will be in vain.

Video Marketing

Another new method for creating backlinks and growing more by the day is utilising video marketing. If you create a quality video not only can you show this on your site to impress readers (/listeners) but also you can direct back to your site. This a deeply unexplored area so get in while you can. (my video to be released soon, be sure to check it out, plus you get too see my handsome face which is an added bonus...)

Finally some Dont's for backlinking:

- Spam will kill your business.
- Don't pay for directory services - It's just not worth it.
- Build slowly - Google does not like fast growth.
- Don't drop links anywhere not welcome.
- Most paid seo building systems are rubbish.
- Don't rush, take your time and think logically what will benefit your business.

That pretty much concludes my deep article on building backlinks, I hope you find this of use. If you do so, please feel free to leave positive comments as they are always appreciated. All comments are moderated so bare that in mind before dropping your link for the sake of it.

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Thank you for reading my article: Building Backlinks

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