Collection de Free CSS Navigation Menu et Didacticiels Cet libre tutoriel JavaScript   va vous présenter 24 CSS navigation et le menu (avec plusieurs niveaux) de codes, soit avec un très cool et accrocheur layout. Certains d'entre eux utilisent la bibliothèque de jQuery   comme JavaScript de base.

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The most important part of designing a new site is the navigation or menu system, but this can be tricky, time consuming and often frustrating. You need something that will fit into your design and most importantly, allow your readers to navigate with ease. Below you will find 24 CSS (in some cases with a little jQuery) Navigation and Menu Tutorials to help you on your way.

Vimeo-Like Top Navigation

URL : Vimeo-Like Top Navigation »
Description : If you like the top navigation used on Vimeo, you will love this tutorial. The menu drops down when you hover over the search box and tt offers you different search options that you can choose and narrow your search.
This is an excellent tut to give you an insight into how the high-end sites cleverly use CSS.
Demo : View Demo »

Tabbed Navigation Using CSS

URL : Tabbed Navigation Using CSS »
Description : In this thoroughly detailed (and easy to follow) tutorial you will be taught how to create low-bandwidth tab navigation on a web page using CSS, as an extra bonus you'll also learn how to switch tabs without loading the page more than once.
Demo : View Demo »

Sexy Drop Down Menu with jQuery and CSS

URL : Sexy Drop Down Menu with jQuery and CSS »
Description : In this tutorial you will learn how to create a 'sexy' drop down menu that will also degrade gracefully with CSS and a some jQuery. Excellent tutorial from Noupe,as always.
Demo : View Demo »

Bulletproof CSS Sliding Doors

URL : Bulletproof CSS Sliding Doors »
Description : A variant on the original sliding doors tecnique from Douglas Bowman, this tutorial tackles issues such as dead pixel areas, empty <span> tags, Internet Explorer and older browser inconsistencies and solving the problem of increased font-sizes.
Demo : View Demo »

Vertical CSS menu with jQuery toggle effect

URL : Vertical CSS menu with jQuery toggle effect »
Description : In this tutorial you will learn how to create a vertical CSS menu with a show/hide feature using jQuery.

PHP and CSS menu

URL : PHP and CSS menu »
Description : You will learn how to use PHP to control CSS styles to highlight the tab or hit area of a html menu with styles controlled by CSS.
Demo : View Demo »

DropDown CSS Menu

URL : DropDown CSS Menu »
Description : This CSS menu will have submenus and will use the web-techniques HTML, CSS and the ?whatever:hover? behavior file to make things work in Firefox and IE6.
Demo : View Demo »

Pure CSS Vertical Navigation Menu

URL : Pure CSS Vertical Navigation Menu »
Description : You will build the second most common site menu navigation, the vertical navigation menu, in this tutorial. You are going to be using only pure CSS and unordered lists to create the vertical navigation menu with three levels of pop outs. Thie navigation menu will work in IE5, IE6, IE7 and IE8 as well as Firefox and Safari.
Demo : View Demo »

Nested Side Bar Menu

URL : Nested Side Bar Menu »
Description : This is a simple yet professional looking multi level side menu. Markup wise it's just a regular nested UL list, turned into a drop down menu using a very small JavaScript code.
Demo : View Demo »

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