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Free Awesome jQuery Count Down/Up Timer Scripts We know you like us, ever used many JavaScript countdown timer for some incoming events, holidays in your real life, such as: birthday, new year, Christmas, opening day, etc. Today, JavaScriptBank is glad to present this collection - best awesome jQuery countdown timer scripts, countup timers JavaScript.

More effective to impress, many sites use these countdown timer scripts to show the "Under Construction" / "Coming Soon" pages, usually they're called under construction / maintain timer to some big event. This strategy is also usually held by many big companies to release the top-hot products, such as HTC, Apple, Samsung.

Especially, the jQuery count down/up timers, JavaScript countdown timers, count up scripts in this JavaScript article are FREE totally to use for any personal / commercial purpose or project.

JavaScriptBank is going to present another collection of premium jQuery count down / up timer scripts soon. Follow us on twitter@js_bank, facebook@jsbank, twitter or google+ to get more updates.

Let's enjoy these best awesome jQuery count down/up timers below. You may download a zipped package of all timers in this post through the link at bottom of list. JavaScriptBank can not provide the download link for each timer because this action breaks the sharing rule.

- Feb 26th 2013:
       added County: Free jQuery Count Down Plugin
       added jquery.xdRetroClock Plugin
       include more demos for jQuery Countdown plugin that doesn't sucks!

- Feb 27th 2013:
       added Flexible JavaScript Flip Timer Clock
       added flipCounter: Free Cool jQuery Count Down/Up Timer
       added jQuery Colorful Countdown Timer
       added Minimal Coming Soon Page using HTML5 and CSS3
       added jQuery Remaining Time Counter with CSS3
       added Responsive Countdown to Launch, with Custom Font

CountDown jQuery plugin by littlewebthings

demo setup

jQuery Countdown plugin that doesn't sucks!

demo more demos setup

A jQuery Countdown Timer

demo setup

jQuery Remaining Time Counter with CSS3

demo setup


Phong Thai Phong Thai is a Web Developer, Web Coder for 15 years with PHP, JavaScript, CSS. He is the creator of JavaScriptBank.com - provide thousands of free JavaScript code examples, web development tips and tricks, helpful blogging guides.

Follow him on twitter@js_bank or connect with him on facebook@jsbank if you want. His websites for your knowledge: javascriptON.com, inOneSec.com, www.gomymobi.com

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