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Embedding and Executing JScript JavaScript in a Batch File Although Batch and JScript JavaScript are developed and released by Microsoft, but they are two different concepts. This free tutorial guides you embed and execute JScript function in a Batch file. Please go to the detailed post for full instructions and codes.

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The program below is both a batch file and a JavaScript WSH console file. The dual nature of the file is achieved via JavaScript block comments and the strategy by which the command interpreter searches for target labels in a batch file.

Save the file below as hybrid.bat.

  1. rem ( /* 
  2. @echo off 
  3. cscript /nologo /e:javascript hybrid.bat 
  4. goto end 
  5. */ )  
  7. // by Jim Lawless  
  8. // This program sample is in the public domain  
  10. function rem() {  
  11.    WScript.StdOut.WriteLine("Hello, world!");  
  12. }  
  14. /* 
  15. :end   */  

The first line of code is benign for a batch file; the REM command is a single line remark, so it ignores all text after it.

The first line is constructed so that syntactically, it is also the beginning of a valid JavaScript function call for a function named rem().

Immediately after the first left-parenthesis in the call, a block-comment is used to mask the next few lines from the WSH JavaScript interpreter. Batch commands follow on the next three lines, ending with a goto.

The batch file itself invokes the WSH console interpreter cscript.exe passing in the name of the file ( hybrid.bat ) itself. After invocation of the script as a JavaScript file, the batch file portion attempts to transfer control to a label named end.

When the command processor attempts to transfer control to a label via the goto verb, each line of the batch file is examined sequentially until a matching label is found. Any syntax errors encountered ( the lines of JavaScript text ) are ignored.
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