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CodeLobster PHP Edition: Powerful PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript IDE for FREE I'm working with many softwares and tools for various purposes in developing my sites: Zend Studio (version 8.0) for advanced PHP programming tasks, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 for HTML, CSS & JavaScript designs, markups and EmEditor for other simple coding purposes. I'm using these tools because of their performances, I can not open Zend Studio to edit a few lines of code.

In order to work better and faster with mixes of codes in web development, CodeLobster PHP Edition is the best suggestion. CodeLobster PHP Edition is FREE for simple coding purposes, and there are many extensions and plugins for advanced web development requirements. Today, I would like to review the FREE, strong & powerful IDE for developing PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript projects, it's CodeLobster PHP Edition!

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Reviewed by: Phong Thai @

Being a web developer, a web coder or more simple, a web design who working with tasks of HTML/CSS slices; obviously you know the powerful features of a good IDE (Integrated Development Environment) should be helpful in works; some very helpful functions you probably agree: autocomplete for function/method, HTML tags, autocorrect, code highlight, etc.

I also tried to use others such as Eclipse (when I want to make some Android apps), Notepad++, Aptana, ... but after all, I do not think they're good for me. Everything changed when I find out Codelobster PHP Edition, this powerful IDE is really so strong & good to believe and use.

Developer Codelobster Software
Web Site
Language English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese
Supported OS Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Download link free (16.84 MB) / pro

Let me tell you some important possibilities and advantages of CodeLobster PHP Edition:

Code/Syntax Highlighting

All PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS codes depending on a type.

Certainly, we can redefine these colors from the Preferences menu.


CodeLobster PHP Edition supports perfect autocomplete features for HTML, PHP, CSS and Javascript, including HTML5 and CSS3; all property names and values, keywords and DOM elements supported. For PHP, all classes, variables, functions, constants and keywords are fully recognized.

CodeLobster PHP Edition also supports the autocompletion for common APIs if you're working with them, like Facebook, Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, etc.

HTML/CSS Code Inspector

Ever use Firebug (Firefox), or Dragonfly (Opera)? With the HTML/CSS Code Inspector from CodeLobster PHP Edition, we can easily find HTML elements and their styles buried deep in the page, just move the mouse.

Context and Dynamic Help

Get helps for any problem you face, move your mouse poniter on necessary element and press F1 button, the detailed page will be opened. By default, Codelobster PHP Edition searches for possible solutions.

PHP Debugger

If some IDE missed the debugger, we could only call it as an editor, debugger is one of most important features in professional IDEs, we can execute PHP scripts in real time to test our newest code changes, check to see errors we may have, etc.

SQL manager

SQL manager is a small tool integrated into CodeLobster PHP Edition, allows to work with MySQL databases - to add, delete, edit a structure and records in tables, to export data, execute SQL queries. Highlighting and autocompletion works for SQL files also.

FTP/SFTP supported

Work with CodeLobster PHP Edition on local files, then directly make these changes to remote server immediately for no delay.


Use CodeLobster PHP Edition when you need, on other PC you have, why have to setup then use just one place?

Other Utilities

Pair highlighting, possibility of blocks selection, collapsing, tooltips, navigation on descriptions of functions and included files at withholding of the key of CTRL, viewing of structure of files and project, preview in a browser, book-marks, and all other standard possibilities for work with a code.

Here's the link to detailed page of features I presented above, or see the picture below for all features & prices.

Developer Codelobster Software
Web Site
Language English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese
Supported OS Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Download link free (16.84 MB) / pro

Reviewed by: Phong Thai @
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