Best Security iPhone/iOS Apps GRATUIT En tant que fournisseurs sans fil et plus de fournisseurs d'acc?s Internet commencent ? offrir le iPhone , port?e croissante de l'appareil signifie qu'il est l'objet d' un nombre croissant de risques de s?curit? et les menaces aux renseignements personnels et des donn?es Le nombre d' applications mobiles pour l'iPhone signifie que plus de gens sont capables de l' utiliser, de d?velopper pour elle, et d'exploiter sa popularit? croissante
Heureusement, App Store d'Apple est plein d'applications qui permet de garder votre iPhone - et son int?grit? - intacts Dans ce post , JSB @ nk tiens ? vous pr?senter une liste des 5 meilleures applications iPhone de s?curit? : Accellion , iDiscrete , Symantec ThreatCon , la d?fense active et mobile Threatpost

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As more wireless providers and internet providers begin to offer the iPhone, the device's growing reach means that it is the subject of an increasing number of security risks and threats to personal information and data. The number of mobile apps for the iPhone means that more and more people are able to use it, develop for it, and exploit its growing popularity.

In a culture of malicious opportunists, it's important to stock your iPhone with a few key applications that will prevent your personal information from becoming public, and prevent your device from being used as part of a larger scheme to defraud iPhone users around the globe. Luckily, Apple's App Store is full of applications which will keep your iPhone -- and its integrity -- intact. Here are five of the best such applications.


Available to users of iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry mobile devices, this application actually connects directly to corporate servers and ensures that any exchange of documents or information is done over a secure connection. The application is free to average employees and consumers, but those corporations who wish to have their servers made available within the application pay a small fee for that privilege. Making use of this application ensures that all data is transmitted over a secure connection which cannot be co-opted or snooped on by malicious hackers and data thieves.


Another great way to ensure that information is being stored and transmitted securely is by obtaining a file encryption application. These applications essentially function like digital "lockers." Everything that is stored within the iDiscrete application is thoroughly encrypted and cannot be read outside of the application. Each device which uses iDiscrete has a different encryption key, meaning that files transferred between devices cannot be read by another user unless the original file creator has authorized the document to be read via their own iDiscrete key. It's a great way to keep sensitive data hidden away from public view, and for $2.99, it's a small price to pay for long-term peace of mind.

Symantec ThreatCon

Apple's tight control of the iPhone's programming interfaces and application availability means that there is no anti-virus application solution for the iOS series of devices. But that hasn't stopped security companies like Symantec from issuing applications which update iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users on the status of threats to their iOS devices. Symantec ThreatCon aggregates the latest news from the digital security industry to one application and allows iPhone users to view the latest threats to their device; it also alerts them of scams that could use their iPhone's internet providers to "piggyback" sensitive information, putting them at risk for identity or information theft. And since its price tag is essentially $0, it's virtually a no-brainer for any security-minded iPhone user.

Mobile Active Defense

Let's face it: spam email isn't just annoying, but it's increasingly dangerous and malicious as well. Spam emails were once simple advertisements for products that no discerning email user would want, but in recent years these emails have been used to spread viruses, malware, and phishing scams that steal and spread personal and private information. Mobile Active Defense prevents this process by scanning each email as it passes through the company's servers. Only the non-spam email that is deemed safe for the user will be passed through and available to read through the iPhone's email client.


Another great way to monitor security threats to the iPhone and other iOS devices is by downloading the free Threatpost application. The app monitors malware and phishing scam threats to iOS users and regularly updates the application with new and relevant information on those threats. iPhone users can be alerted to new threats via push notifications and application badges so that they're never caught out of the loop -- and subject to damaging attacks on their information's integrity.

Secure Devices for the Masses

In order to make the iPhone more affordable and readily available to a wider selection of users, these applications ensure that Apple's tight control over iPhone applications, as well as its inherently strong built-in security features, are supplemented and augmented in ways that make the iPhone one of the more secure smartphone devices currently on the market.


Photo courtesy of carbonnyc via FlickR Creative Commons.

Author: Blake Sanders
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