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Awesome Sites with Wonderful JavaScript effects using jQuery Today in this post, jsB@nk would like to present to you a list of 24 personal/business websites/blogs that using JavaScript jQuery framework to build wonderful JavaScript animations; combined with awesome, unique design layout, obviously these sites attract audience's attention. Please move to full-post section to view.

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Label: wonderful JavaScript effects, JavaScript jQuery framework, avaScript animation, unique design layout

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Thanks to the might of JavaScript, the words “dynamic” and “illustration” no longer apply exclusively to Flash-based websites.

Now that dynamic HTML is a reality in most commonly used browsers and that a lot of fancy JavaScript libraries exist to make using it easy, CSS websites can take back some of the street cred held so tightly by Flash.

Of these new JavaScript libraries, jQuery has become one of the most widely adopted because of its ease of use, breadth of features and initial focus on visual uniqueness.

1.Form Fifty Five

Features: Changing header illustration; multiple small slideshow windows.

Description: Not only does this website have a lot of genuinely good design-related content, but jQuery is used in a variety of ways to enhance the website’s appearance and usability. Add in a periodically changing illustrated background and some nice circular interface controls and you have a beautiful marriage of jQuery and illustration.

Home page with header illustration:

Left column with tags toggled on:

Window shade header for logging in:

2. Frozn

Features: Vertical and horizontal sliding.

Description: Other than the big, brightly colored circles with numbers, the feature I noticed most was the illustrated profile pictures. So, I clicked them. That’s when the magic happened: vertical and horizontal window-shading that opened a full set of blog entries with embedded Vimeo videos. The persistent footer gradient is an interesting effect when you scroll down.

Big circles and author illustrations on the home page:

Vertically expanding content:

Author illustrations expand to reveal blog entries and video:

3. iPhone Mockup

Features: Drag and drop, targeting
Description: If you’ve ever thought of creating an app for the iPhone (and which Web developer hasn’t?), then this might be a website to check out. It allows you to drag and drop sketched or computer-drawn interface elements onto a sketched or computer-drawn iPhone outline. Although it is pretty bare bones in design, it is an innovative use of illustration that could only have been pulled off previously with Flash.

Computer-drawn iPhone editor:

Sketched iPhone editor:

4. Florida Flourish

Features: Mouseovers with transparency, slideshow
Description: The brilliant colors and detail of the illustrated tree on this splash page are immediate attention-grabbers. Click on any of the categories branching from the tree and you’ll get not only descriptive jQuery-driven content but a completely different tree, too. Scroll down and you’ll see a nice centered slideshow and a footer that takes the natural motif underground.

Full view of home page, with big tree, slideshow and footer:

“Usability” tree:

“Flexibility” tree:

5. Tea Round App

Features: Slideshow, minor animation, sliding objects
Maybe it’s me or a sign that Apple has brilliant designers, but I like websites that have cropped iPhone photos. This website has an animated one, with an in-screen slideshow triggered by mousing over some well-crafted buttons. The rounded Helvetica type blends in well with the design of the phone and buttons. The tea-themed illustrations on the page and in the screenshots of the app tie everything together.

Animations within the iPhone graphic on the page:

Pop-up window displays the app’s screen:

Another Tea Round app screen shown in the iPhone graphic:
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