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Processing Local Files in JavaScript with HTML5 In previous JavaScript articles and JavaScript code examples, jsB@nk provided you many posts about new HOT features/functions in HTML5, such as:

- JavaScript Caching in HTML5
- Awesome Canvas Drawer with HTML5
- JavaScript in HTML5 vs ActionScript 3 in Flash in Drawing Match - Who Win?
- HOT New JavaScript APIs with HTML5

Today in this post, jsB@nk is happy to give you one more JavaScript article tutorial for another new HOT feature in HTML5 - local files processing. Throughout this JavaScript article tutorial, you're able to handle how to create, delete, read, write and query the local files with JavaScript on HTML5. Please go to the inner page for full detailed instructions, guides and live demos of JavaScript HTML5 code examples for file upload">HTML5 file uploading, file JavaScript">uploading file JavaScript, open file">JavaScript open file, file read">JavaScript file read, file">JavaScript load file, file">javascript create file.

Category: Tutorials, Web 2.0

How to load JavaScript like a WordPress Master WordPress - an open source powerful PHP platform to develop personal web blogs, WordPress is the most used blog system at present, and I also opened a personal blog base this platform recently.

At the time of this free HTML JavaScript tutorial, the WordPress founding organization has released version 3 - an extreme worthwhile upgrade. And if you're a WordPress developer, maybe you know the WordPress's disadvantages, one of them is the way to organize data, source code seems to be changed in every new version.

Only including JavaScript files in the WordPress platform, also is a big problem. So under the view of a web developer, which solution we should choose to have a better performance? Please go to the detailed post for more instructions about including JavaScript like a WordPress master.

10 Things Old JavaScript Would Not Do About 15 years ago, my uncle took Zef to the university at which he was studying at the time. He had something to show him. He sat him behind a computer in the computer room and started a program called "Netscape". He typed in an Internet address ending with .au. I saw my first website and it came all the way from the other side of the world. It looked like crap, loaded incredibly slow, but it was cool.

I could have never have guessed that HTTP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript would once not become the main way to access information, but also replace a lot of desktop applications. The abilities of the new HTML5 and other web technologies like SVG never cease to amaze me.

Here are 10 things, in this post, I had not expected these open web technologies would be able to, but can in 2010: Interactively render physics of a cloth, Live motion tracking, Play YouTube videos without Flash, Collaboratively edit source code in a browser IDE, Do weird interactive stuff like this, Animate simple 3D landscapes, Read books in a mobile browser, Play Wolfenstein 3D/MarioKart, Render flash files using JavaScript/SVG. Please go to the full post for details.

Category: Tutorials

Opening New Windows When using strict doctypes the target attribute is not allowed for opening new windows. This JavaScript will accomplish that task easily and unobtrusively. The script uses the class name "non-html" so you will need to add that to the links you want to open in a new window, e.g., <a href="yourDocument.html" class="non-html">A sample file</a>

This JavaScript will not open a new window if a modifier key (ctrl/shift/etc.) is pressed while the JavaScript link is clicked. It also checks if the new window was successfully opened. If it was not, it returns true to allow the browser to open the JavaScript link in the original window.

Category: Snippet

Make link open in new tab/window Use this simple JavaScript to make all links on your web pages open in new tab/window. Script is easy to setup, you should save them into a file to for using on many pages.

Category: Link

Flip Menu (v 5.0) Flip Menu creates a collapsible menu tree out of an ordinary HTML list! It consists of just one external .js file, in which you specify settings such as whether to persistence the JavaScript menu state (using cookies), the images used to replace the default list bullets, and if any previously open branches should be closed when the current one is open. Very nice.

Category: Menu, Navigation

File Open This JavaScript allows someone to choose a file on their hard drive and open it. Now cross-browser compatible.

Category: Utility

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