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Simple JavaScript for Auto-Sum with Checkboxes This JavaScript code example uses a for loop to calculate the sum of checkbox value">JavaScript checkbox values. This JavaScript will display a running total automatically when visitors click to select an item without reloading the current page. Very easy to edit and implement into your existing web forms.

Category: Form, Checkbox

Save and Restore Form Cookies This JavaScript will save all of your form fields in a cookie. It includes all text fields, radio button selections, checkbox values, etc. When your visitor returns, all form fields are automatically repopulated with the same value that they entered on their last visit.

Category: Cookie

Checkbox Changer Takes a series of known named checkboxes and checks or uncheck them all at once. It can even change each checkbox to the opposite checked or not checked value. Clever for loops!

Category: Form, Checkbox

Checkbox calculator This JavaScript is just a simple checkbox calculator. Works great as a shopping cart. values for the checkboxes are defined in the .js code.

Category: Calculation

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