9 Nice utiles JavaScript et Ajax Tree Menus de navigation Un bon menu de navigation sera d'aider les utilisateurs à accéder à l'information nécessaire, rapidement et facilement. Et avec le look accrocheur, il va augmenter les performances. Cet article présente à vous 9 arborescence de menus de navigation, Les informations sont affichées dans un ordre hiérarchique, et vous pouvez demander AJAX   de ces menus.

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The navigation interface is one of the most important part of any application. Correctly designed, it lets users find the information they need, easily and quickly.

With a tree menu control, also called tree view, the information is displayed in a hierarchical order, with the home topic at the top and the subordinated items underneath. Beginner users like to use a tree of folders because it is easy to learn; experienced users like it because it is efficient in the number of clicks involved.

  1. Gaia-Ajax-TreeView

    Gaia Ajax Tree View is a Ajax based TreeView Control . which very easy to use and flexible. You can use static items and dynamic items. Static items are rendered as HTML output on the page and dynamic items are retrieved on-demand.

    Features :

    • Drag and drop
    • Statically created items - Visible for search engines and spiders .
    • Dynamically created items
    • Complex child controls
    • Easy to skin - Builds from ul and il elements, follows standard HTML conventions
    • Icons per item - Easily add up your own icons for your Tree View Items
    • Lightweight JavaScript file.
    • Accessibility
    • 100% XHTML compliant
    • 100% WYSIWYG - Use from Visual Studio in 100% WYSIWYG environment

  2. CooljsTree

    CooljsTree is a JavaScript based Tree Menu which offer expand/collapse unlimited levels of the tree without reload. The script does not require FRAME or IFRAME tag for work. You can easily configure the tree Via.. CSS and setup individual items parameters in the JavaScript configuration file.

    All major browsers like; Internet Explorer 4.01 and higher (yes, IE 7 also) , Firefox 1.0 and higher , Netscape Navigator 4.08 and higher , Netscape Navigator 6.0 and higher , Mozilla 0.9 and higher , Opera 5.02 and higher , Safari 1.2 and higher , AOL 4 and higher are supported to CooljsTree.

  3. CheckTree W3C DOM based Tree Menu

    CheckTree is a W3C DOM based Tree Menu which offer Hierarchial / Multilevel trees . You can easily customise your tree data via.. CSS which controls tree appearance. Its an Object-orientated code for create Check list tree systems. CheckTree is a Cross-browser compatibility with IE5+, NS6+, Opera7+, Safari, and similar.

  4. Simple-Tree-Menu

    Simple Tree Menu is a originally created by Dynamic . Its an unobtrusive Tree Menu script that turns any ordinary list (UL element) into a collapsible tree Menu.

    • Plug and play script that turns a UL list into a tree menu, with any sub lists collapsed by default.
    • Ability to specify that certain sublists be expanded by default, by giving that LI element a rel="open" attribute.
    • Simple CSS defines the look of the tree, such as the folder and list images to be used.

  5. AJAX powered DHTML JavaScript Tree component

    dhtmlxTree (DHTML extensions Tree) is a JavaScript tree menu that allows you to effortlessly create attractive and fast-loading hierarchical interfaces with cross-browser compatibility, AJAX support, in-line node editing, and drag-n-drop capabilities. Rich client-side API provides complete control over the tree appearance and behaviour.
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