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70+ AJAX Enhancements for based-JavaScript Web Applications Today in this post, jsB@nk would like to provide you a list of 70+ AJAX utilities, AJAX tools and AJAX applications to enhance your JavaScript applications, based-JavaScript web applications.

In this list, there were many AJAX utilities already presented on jsB@nk:
- AJAX Page Content Loader
- GreyBox: Cool HTML/JavaScript/AJAX/Flash Window Popup
- Interstitial Content Box

But there are still many JavaScript tools need you to reveal. Let's go to the inner page for detailed list.

Label: 70, AJAX Enhancements, based-JavaScript Web Applications, AJAX tools, AJAX utilities, AJAX applications

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Dialog boxes

jQuery Alert Dialogs

A list of very good looking and flexible dialog boxes.

jQuery Alert Dialogs

Ajax Spell Checkers

GoogieSpell is a spell checker that you can use in your own web-application.


Ajax Polls

6. AJAX Poll

Create an AJAX powered poll. Requires PHP and mySQL.


Activity indicators

The Ajax activity indicators 34 are often used by web developers to let the users know when the Ajax application is loading.

This is not a script but it’s a quiuseful Create easily your own ajax loader icon easily with 3 simple steps.

Ajax loading animated gif

A collection of reallly good looking statusindicators , free download.

Ajax loading animated gif

Activity indicators

Large collection of activity indicators to dhow your users that something is happening.


More than 120 Free Ajax Activity Indicator Gif Icons

again loads of really good looking indicators that you can use for free.

Free Ajax Activity Indicator Gif Icons

Ajax Libraries


AJS is a ultra lightweight JavaScript library that is around 2 years old. It is inspired by MochiKit, but differs by being small and expressive. The current version is only 33 KB (uncompressed!), whereas MochiKit and other libraries such as JQuery, Mootools or Prototype is over/around 100 KB.


Basic Ajax Routine

Regardless of what you do using Ajax, they all rely on the same basic functions. This is a very small Ajax routine (less than 3 Kb) that enables you to easily use Ajax on your site to send “GET” or “POST” requests asynchronously.


Ajax Rotating Includes Script

Ajax Includes scriptto let you input a list of external pages for the script to choose and selectively include one onto the current page.

  1. Daily 1 (“dailyw”): The script will include a different file for each day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc).
  2. Daily 2 (“dailym”): The script will include a different file for each day of the month (1st to 31st).
  3. Random (“random”): The script will randomly pick one from the list of files to include.

JavaScript by day

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