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7 Best Online Sources to Learn Java Technology has now so high that almost everything is now dependent on technology. Hence, a number of computer programmes have come up that can help in dealing with various technologies. One of such option in computer programming is Java. Java has become an important computer programming in various ways such as Java games, various Java applications and others.

There was a time when an individual had to take admission in various computer classes to learn various compute languages and programming. But now this problem has been also solved. Now there are a number of online sites from where you can easily learn these languages online.

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If you are in search of learning Java, there are again a number of such websites from where you can learn Java programming with online experts. But if you are confused about how to from where to take the learning, here are some of the suggestions.



This is one of the best online sites from where people can learn Java. You will be able to find a quick overview of various coding scripts here. All the scripts are well described with the help of images and examples so that you can understand quickly and clearly. Here you can explore also various frameworks. Also this is a site where you can get a number of free tools that you can download for both commercial as well as non-commercial use.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow

Once you have chosen this site for your learning option in Java, you will not need any other thing. The site is well known for its teaching capability of universal skills. Once you have started learning Java from here you will be able to answer various questions from various communities. The site is a perfect spot that can teach you about how you can increase inclusion in various technology communities.



This particular site has a record of providing a great career to many developers till now. Almost 846 thousand developers have been using this site to learn Java online. The site is known to have offered learning in as many as 30 languages. The site is such that individuals learning languages such as Java from here can get ready for various heated competitions and also in cracking as many as 1000 companies that hire coding experts. There cannot be anything better than this that an online website can teach you to get a job and to get in touch with it.

Fun Programming

If you have joined this particular website, you cannot get anything better than till. You can ask questions and also put your comments while you are watching a particular video here. You can search various new and old videos on Java coding from where you can learn a lot. Not only this, the site also offers the option to work and learn. You can perform various experiments, take initiatives and ask various questions.

The site helps you in learning the practicality of whatever you have learnt in a much better way and is available at


This can be said to be a perfect learning site. Here you will see how tutorials are segregated into different sections based on the types of posts. You will get a huge number of options here for learning such as classes, interfaces, Java collection Frameworks, algorithms and many others. There are also a number of other tools that helps you in understanding the concept of Java in a better way. Also along with these, the code explanations are explained with examples for better convenience.


This offers learning based on various projects, test cases and examples. Apart from basic explanations the codes are well supported with examples for better understanding. For your better learning there are a number of test cases to make you check whether you have gained proper knowledge in Java or not. You can access to as many as 190 questions that you need to solve out on your own to check your learning graph on the website.

Not only Java, the site has been offering such learning sessions to candidates in many other languages such as Ruby, MySQL, C++ and many others, that you can access easily at



If you wish to get an intensive learning on Java, then this is the perfect place for you. The site covers as many as 100 topics on Java programming and helps you in learning almost everything that you need to known in Java. It offers free quality content such as free programs and free quizzes on various computer science topics such as SAN, C and many others.

Again if you are learning Java on this site, you will not have to search for any other places apart from this even for practical. All you need is to click on


Apart from these mentioned websites also there are many other various websites that can help you in learning Java script well. Just have a look at the websites and choose according to your need about how you wish to learn the language.


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