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6 Signs You are a Writer from Your Very Nature Regardless of where you find yourself - on the faculty of Medicine or British Literature – writing can be either your best friend or the worst nightmare you've ever had. While some students never leave home without some sort of writing material, such as a pen and a piece of paper, you find this way of living totally weird and are always in need of help from custom writing service and a college tutor to produce a sentence or two.

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OK, maybe you're not going to become the next Dickens and your prose looks quite cheap now. But we have worked out some special signs that prove you're a writer, even if you think completely otherwise.

You regularly check tips on how to boost your writing

Even professional writers realize there's lots more for them to learn about their vocation. They may have "bad" days when every other sentence seems to take twice as long as it actually should or they simply fail to find the inspiration. So, if you're on the constant lookout for some writing recommendations to boost your skills or approaching online cheap custom dissertation writing services for some professional and useful tips, writing is definitely one of your "things".

You find nothing bad in being edited

While a lot of writers got used to look down on everyone else, Their ego usually shows up, when they're being asked to correct certain parts of their texts. While some of them never accept someone else's viewpoint on their work, the others are even rude! At the same time, the best authors are typically OK with criticism and are open to any sort of changes. Even if you ever happen to buy cheap essays here and there, you also make sure to approach online custom writing company experts for some help and recommendations to improve your essays writing skills, which means you're a writer at heart.

You attack your college friends for using "You're & Your" in the wrong way

They actually hate you for always being there, when they make the tiniest mistakes while talking about everyday stuff. Buy at the same time, you're the know-it-all guy and you're the one they always approach with "I need to write my English essay really fast, can you give some advice, please?" request.

Carry bradshaw is your Idol

You dream of someday living in the New York city, where you can write in a huge apartment with brick walls and a large window. You'd love to have a minimalist desk with a bunch of pens and books, while your favorite tunes are on the radio and birds sing outside. Obviously, you know you're a writer. Simple as that.

Inspiration... Who cares?

There's nothing easier for you than producing 1000 words on any topic, at any time. And even the tightest deadlines don't scare you at all. Without a doubt, some days it's harder than others, but you have some special techniques that help you to keep on writing, when you're stuck. "Free writing" (writing and writing, and writing for a certain period of time), "the laptop battery racing" (when you know the machine will turn off in an hour or so) or "setting timer for every 300 words", just to name a few.

Your express your ideas better in writing

You've always felt more comfortable to express yourself on paper rather than talking on a particular topic. You prefer sending an instant message online instead of calling your tutor or any customer service team. Even when you have a special phone call with your beloved one, you make sure to list all the issues you're about to discuss before you dial the number.

Every college or university student, at some point, questions whether writing is something he can handle. Listen to your heart and know there's nothing wrong in this kind of uncertainty. Keep practicing and you'll be there.


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