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Five Tricks for Improving JavaScript Security This JavaScript tutorial gives you 5 helpful guides to improve the JavaScript security troubles for JavaScript applications, web applications before deploying them widely.

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A successful launch of an Ajax based application does not mean the developer's work is done. There will be bugs, upgrades and other user concerns that should be addressed immediately. It can even get worst if the application were not made to deal with large number of users or if the application was not secured enough.

Before you launch your application, here are some ideas on how you can ensure ease of access for users. These ideas will also improve security and possibly detect bugs that were not found during the testing phase:

1. Check for Question Mark and Ampersand

The question mark (?) and ampersand (&) are two essential symbols in the function that should never be left out. Although this type of problem can be easily detected in functions, the use of these functions as data might not be detected. The ampersand might be interpreted as data. Be sure to double check the use of these symbols especially on email and name parameters. The question mark and ampersand have to go together.

2. Get Additional Firefox Tools

Every developer who uses Firefox as their main browser will most likely use Firebug to aid the debugging process of their application. Through Firebug, the common problems in coding can be detected and recommended solutions can be easily found online.

But you don't want to be stuck with Firebug especially when you're building a unique widget or data intensive online application. Visit so that you'll find out more about your coding. Through JSLint, your code will be validated against other browsers. It's simply frustrating for many developers when their application can easily work in one browser but fails in another.

3. Working with Parameters During Testing

Testing will require developers to take a look at every function, data source and parameter in the application. But its parameters should be emphasized in the testing phase because of its potential as a separate testing tool for Ajax and JavaScript. When done right, the parameters can push the application to the limit to determine its true capabilities. The two parameters: GET and POST should aggressively use the server side which means these two parameters can push the server side just to retrieve the needed data.

4. Avoid Problems in URL Set-up

Sometimes the biggest problems were caused by the simplest coding. A good example of a disastrous application with a small cause is from URL structuring. Developers have to double check on how they code the URL so that the JavaScript engine in various browsers will understand the data as URL. As already indicated, the question mark and ampersand have to be emphasized.

5. Checking the Outcome from Server-Side

The server-side constantly crunches out the needed data in Ajax and JavaScript based application. The data, before interacting with the client side, should be at least checked for accuracy.

This might require additional time for developers but ensuring accuracy will prevent further problems. Developers will be able to build an easy to use application that constantly provides the right data.
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