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13 Coolest Javascript Ajax Scrollers for Web Development With the huge amount of information nowaday, with the tons of content you want to display; maybe the scrolling features are the best choices. In this JavaScript article, author came up with 13 cool and elegant JavaScript scroller, if you are a web-designer and web developer it is easy to understand.


Here I came up with 13 cool and elegant way of representing your portfolio when your pages have tons of content to display. You guys can showcase your precious work using variety of Javascript Ajax based scrollers. If you go through the code its simple and basic Javascript Ajax implementation, if you are a web-designer and web developer it's easy to understand.

jQuery Scrollable Plugin

The purpose of this library is to make it extremely easy to add scrolling functionality to a website. Whenever you wish to scroll HTML elements in a visually-appealing manner, this is the only library you need. Main Scrollable Features, 1. Clicking on the elements themselves
2. Clicking on the arrows at the sides, or the small, round buttons at the top
3. Using the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard
4. Scrolling with your mouse scroll wheel.


This plugin allows you to easily animate any series of elements, by sequentially scrolling them.You can use horizontal or vertical scroll, also combined.

Demo | Download

jQuery ScrollShow Plugin

jQuery.ScrollShow is a very customizable slideshow, that relies on jQuery.ScrollTo, to slide(scroll) the items.

Demo | Download

jQuery Local Scroll

This plugin will animate a regular anchor navigation. Each time a link is clicked, the element you decide(can be the whole screen), will gradually scroll to the targeted element, instead of "jumping" as it'd normally do. jQuery.ScrollTo is used for the animation.

Demo | Download

CNN Style Scrolling Ticker

A new AJAX Control Toolkit control called the MarqueeControl that supports all of these features, both left-to-right and right-to-left scrolling directions, applying a CSS class to the item when it is moused over, dynamically repopulating the marquee after it has finished scrolling.

Demo | Download

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