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12 Super Nice JavaScript Scroll and Slide sites Scroll and slide are the new trends, for navigating to the objects on the same/different page, in the field of web development today. Formerly, in order to apply this effect, web developers have to use Flash, but with the strong support of power JavaScript frameworks, this feature is very easy to setup, edit and the performance is still good, smooth.

And this post is the useful resources with a list of very beautiful scroll & slide JavaScript codes, these JavaScript source codes are used on 12 different websites, please read the full article for more details.

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There has been a new trend in standards based design over the last year. The effect seems to have originally appeared in flash websites some time before, but with the use of javascript and a few good libraries people have found out how to do it while still using semantic XHTML/CSS.

The effect is what I call, "The Slider." Instead of normal navigation where you click on a link and it takes you to another page, or even dynamically loads content onto the existing page, The Slider scrolls you to a different portion of the same page automatically. Sometimes this is simply scrolling down the page to the next content block (in a slow manor rather than an instant jump). Other times people have it scroll to another portion of the page that is not in a vertical manor, maybe 4000 pixels to the right and 500 upwards. The effect being the feeling of traveling to a different portion of the page itself. Lastly some have content scroll with in the content, so rather than the whole page moving the content with in a content block my scroll in and out.

Hotel Oxford

Hotel Oxford Website

Hotel Oxford is the first site that I had seen doing this. While the page remains stationary, the content with in the design scrolls depending on what page you click on. The fact that every page has hard borders creates a very cool effect.

Team Viget

Team Viget

This is the second site I had ever seen doing this effect. Unlike hotel oxford Team Viget scrolls the whole window, creating a sense of moving down a hallway and looking up and down at the different postings on the wall. Very cool effect, and really transforms the website into something more.

Danny Blackman

Danny Blackman

Danny's portfolio site is the last type of Scoller that I have come across. His site doesn't hide any scroll bars, and you could navigate the site normally, but he empowers you to "Save That Scroll Finger" and click on his links which auto scroll you past some very cool illustrations to the next portion of the site.

More LLC

More, LLC

More is similar to Danny Blackmans, in that his site scrolls downward and allows you to manually scroll if you wish. However he added an extra touch by applying a fixed position transparent PNG at the bottom that makes the site look like it is fading into the page. Nice touch.

Brian Katzel

Brian Katzel

Brian seems to be a very creative individual, seen through his designs and through his use of scrollers, background images, and transparent foreground images. While his page his another site that scrolls vertically, and doesn't force you to auto scroll, he uses transparent images laid over a bright background image to make paint look like it is running down the page, changing shape, going through tunnels, and well... . you just have to see it because it is genius.
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