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10 huge lists of resources for web development This is very useful post to the web programmers and the web designers, because it lists 10 websites that contain the huge lists of resources for web development, such as: Icons, Templates, Fonts, Scripts, Color tool, CSS and more.

These are the sites which have a huge list of links that are divided up into categories and then thrown together on one giant page of resources for web designers and developers, all these website covers mostly all topics is design and development, such as Icons, Templates, Fonts, Scripts, Color tool,  CSS and more

1. Skout - Resource for Designers by Designers

2. Web Developer's Handbook

3. For Web Designers - 673 Helpful links and Counting

4. Devlisting | Web Devoloper Resources

5. All Great Web Design gallery Roundup

6. Cork Dump | Customizable Resources for Designers and Devolopers

7. Resources for  Web Design

8. Agency Tool | Web Design Dashboard

9. BLUE VERTIGO | Web Design Resources Links

10. N Design Studio - Links Section

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