What Are The Main Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using JavaScript?

What Are The Main Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using JavaScript?

JavaScript is currently so much more popular than anyone anticipated. We are faced with a computer language that appears in so many programs and that is supported by so many devices. The popularity that JavaScript has at the moment actually forced the developers to adopt the language and include support when this was not initially an idea to consider. It was the demand that led to evolution.

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For instance, Netbet used JavaScript in order to make the choice and see if you would want to use JavaScript or not, we need to take a look at client-side language. This is what influences most of the advantages and disadvantages connected to JavaScript.

JavaScript Advantages

Here are the main advantages of using JavaScript:

  • Speed - Since it is client-side, JavaScript will offer a really high speed. Code functions will be able to be ran immediately, without the server having to be contacted and without a wait time.
  • Simplicity - It is incredibly easy to implement and even learn how to code in JavaScript.
  • Versatility - One of the really interesting advantages of using JavaScript is that it is compatible with most other coding languages. You can thus use the language in many applications. As opposed to using SSI or PHP scripts, JavaScript will be added to the web page with ease, without a care about file extensions. It is also possible to add the script inside other languages like PHP and Perl.
  • Server Load - Since JavaScript is client-side, the demands associated with the website server are going to be lower.

JavaScript Disadvantages

We need to also think about disadvantages so that our choice can be better made. The main disadvantages associated with using JavaScript are:

  • Security - Code will be executed on the computer of the user. In many cases this can lead towards a door being left opened for the hacker. It is actually one of the reasons why some people are now disabling JavaScript as they browse the internet.
  • End User Reliance - JavaScript can be interpreted differently when looking at different browsers. The server-side scripts are going to produce exactly the same output every single time but the client-side script will be unpredictable. However, this is not a huge concern. If the script is tested in the really important browsers, safety is definitely going to be high.


It is not that difficult to choose whether or not you are going to use JavaScript in your project but a proper analysis of the associated advantages and disadvantages is definitely highly important. In so many cases we can see JavaScript as being the best possible option that you can take into account. However, in others you will need to think about something else. You want to be careful and you need to think about the best results that are going to appear and what the best outcome is in this case. The project that is built needs to produce something. Based on what is needed the main choice will be made.


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