Can You Learn JavaScript On Youtube?

Can You Learn JavaScript On Youtube?

Learning coding is a lot of work, and Youtube may not be the best way to study it, but that's not to say it can't be done. You can learn a lot of things on Youtube. But when it comes to complex technical skills such as coding in Java, can you realistically learn to code by watching Youtube videos?

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People use the site to learn new instruments, to study famous artists, and even hone their beauty techniques - if you can think of a topic, someone has likely made a Youtube video offering tips about it.

If you're interested in studying Java, here are a few things you may want to consider.

Have A Plan

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If you want to teach yourself Java using Youtube, it's important to understand the appropriate sequence of study, otherwise you may find yourself lost, jumping in midstream. That's why you should look at some Java course syllabi or look at beginning Java books to develop a plan. Many college courses post their syllabi online, and there are sure to be books on Java in your local library. All of these can help you understand where to begin your studies.

Choose A Channel

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Rather than hopping around between different Youtube videos as your learn each step, commit to a single channel that will walk you from start to finish. The New Boston and Durga Soft Solutions both offer complete Youtube channels that are meant to constitute a full course of study. Sticking with one channel is like having a single teacher in class - it's easier to learn their style of teaching than to try to interpret many different approaches to a single topic.

Know Your Goals

Why do you want to learn Java? Are you interested in building your own website or are you hoping to pass Oracle's Java Certification exam? Depending on your goals, you'll need different kinds of instruction. If you simply hope to build your own site, it's okay to skip around a bit if a skill doesn't seem to apply, but if you want to pass a certification exam for future job qualifications, you'll need to study Java in a concentrated way, preferably through videos specifically designed for those interested in gaining certification.

Combine Your Methods

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For many people, studying Java on Youtube won't be enough to gain a full understanding of the topic - you'll learn more by combining different study methods. Many areas have coder meetings through sites like Meetup and Eventbrite, and these are typically free or inexpensive. See what opportunities are available near you and attend a few. You may also meet a friend who wants to work with you - after all, two heads are better than one.

Java coding is a great skill to have in today's competitive workplace, and can also give you a lot of flexibility as an independent web designer. With commitment and curiosity, Youtube can help guide you down the road to coding knowledge. It's a journey from which you'll reap great rewards.


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