5 JavaScript Tips For Business Websites

5 JavaScript Tips For Business Websites

Your basic business website is going to be at the hub of your virtual presence. And no matter what you industry is, you're going to want people to be able to search for your business, and you're going to want them to be able to easily navigate around your pages, as well as interact as necessary.

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And that means that you're probably going to have a fair amount of JavaScript within the framework of your site, particular for things like maps and location, relative time representations, calendars, interactive elements (especially navigation buttons), and different ways to submit online forms.

Maps and Location

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Having maps and location indicators on your business web pages is especially important. Think of the example of a property management company. By using interactive map elements (created by JavaScript, most likely), potential clients will have immediate access to the location of various properties, and will have easy access to ways to map the distance between their home location and the property in question. Without having that hard-coded element in, static text or photos just aren't going to cut it.

Relative Time

One convenient element that you can include on your website is a reference to time. And that could be the time either in your business's physical location, or the time at the potential client's computer. There are interesting ways to use countdown clocks with JavaScript as well. For instance, if you have a special deal on some type of product, using a timer would be a great way to indicate a real-time process like that going on, with a few simple lines of code.


If you have any sort of past or future events that you want to associate with a particular calendar date, then creating JavaScript calendars is a simple way to present that format as well. There are lots of different types of calendar widgets available, especially in blog formats like WordPress or Joomla, but knowing the actual code that goes inside them can help you customize what might otherwise be a sort of dry icon.

Interactive Elements

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Interactive elements, especially when it comes to navigation, are a specialty of javascript. Because the code can query both images and data from other sources, you can have easily customizable ways to jump back and forth inside a single page instead of having to navigate to different actual webpage to get around.

Submitting Forms

And have you ever tried figuring out how to have clients that browse your web page submit forms to you with plain HTML? It's a nightmare. But with the gentle and efficient use of a few lines of JavaScript code, everything happens easily and automatically, and the necessary databases are generated for those submissions as well as your replies.


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